AMIMON Looks To License Wireless HD Streaming Technology

We all know the world is gravitating to wireless. The only real question is this: "When's wireless power going to get serious?" Well, that and the other one: when is 1080p wireless streaming going to be ubiquitous? A few companies have tried out video streaming solutions, with Intel's WiDi and Apple's AirPlay being two major players on the consumer front. But in the high-end home cinema market, there's a name that keeps popping up: AMIMON. The company's chips have powered quite a few new wireless streaming devices over the years, and now it's looking to branch out. The entity, which founded the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) standard, just announced that it'll add to its portfolio the ability to license its IP and technology to semiconductor and consumer electronics brands. The technology is used in WHDI consumer products today to wirelessly transmit the highest quality HD content throughout the home, and now, other companies can pay a fee to embed that kind of tech right into their gear. Not too bad!

Amimon continues to add new features and improvements over those currently found in WHDI, such as support for video rates up to 4Kx2K, multicast, advanced control links, and increased range. The licensed technology from AMIMON will enable wireless delivery of uncompressed HDTV in multiple rooms while surpassing competitive technology with consistent picture quality equivalent to a wired HDMI cable. Other aspects of the new IP include lower latency, a two-way data link in parallel with the video, and lower power consumption.

There's no clear word yet on which companies will be taking AMIMON up on its offer, but hopefully it'll enable more and more companies to jump into the wireless streaming game with far less up-front investment, research and overhead.
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OSunday one year ago

For a name that "keeps popping up" I've never even heard of "AMIMON"

"quite a few new wireless streaming devices" ?

Oh really.. why not name which ones?

This article just seems a tad bit sketchy o.O

Dorkstar one year ago

Sketchy or not, i'm happy to see a company stepping up to get this service rolling.  I feel like there are so many opportunities just waiting for someone to snatch them up when it comes to the home television.  Currently it seems the only products that are making great success are video streaming type devices such as ApppleTV, TiVo, etc.  I'd like to see that god awful set top box disappear one day.

sevags one year ago

I have never heard of AMIMON ever either...

There are wireless HD streaming devices out there already but I don't see how specially mentioning the. Would have helped this article however her is one... I technically have 2 of them in my home we have 2 Cisco Brand AT&T Uverse wireless set-top boxes that stream HD from the main home DVR to two of our TV's. It actually works amazingly well and I can't tell that I'm not plugged in directly. The box itself gets excellent reception all the way to my garage (furthest place in the house from the access point) where ALL my other wireless devices have trouble connecting to my linkage ea4500 on any band or frequency. If AMIMON's product offers improvements over the current tech I can't wait.

theemilio_crazy one year ago

Very good articles from Asus, always with the best

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