ADATA Introduces 8GB and 16GB XPG DDR3-2133X Dual-Channel Kits

ADATA announced two new memory kits in its XPG Xtreme Series designed for high performance, long life, and overclocking capabilities.

Available in capacities of 8GB (4GB x 2) and 16GB (8GB x 2), the dual-channel DDR3-2133X kits boast 34.1GB of predicted bandwidth per second and sport operating voltages of 1.65V with 10-11-11-30 latency settings. They also support Intel XMP profiles (v.1.3) and are compatible with Intel’s P67, X79, Z68, Z75, and Z77 platforms.

The 8GB kit will run you $89.99, and the 16GB kit costs $189.99.

ADATA Adds to XPG Xtreme Series with the Introduction of DDR3-2133X 8GB and 16GB Dual Channel Kits
The Latest Surge in Reliability and Performance to Satisfy Gamers’ and Overclockers' Requirements

Taipei, Taiwan, May 16, 2012 - ADATA Technology Co., Ltd announced a boost to its XPG™ Xtreme Series DDR3 lineup with the DDR3-2133X 8GB and 16GB dual channel kits. This new entry to XPG™ Xtreme Series satisfies enthusiasts’ increasingly stringent demands for high capacity and performance DRAM modules.

The new ADATA XPG Xtreme Series DDR3-2133X runs at 2133 MHz and an operating voltage of 1.65V with latency settings of 10-11-11-30, allowing for predicted bandwidth up to 34.1GB per second.

Each XPG memory chip is selected through a strict filtering process and complete with high performance 8-layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The chips are in direct contact with the heat spreaders for efficient heat dissipation and prolonged lifespan. The XPG Xtreme Series DDR3-2133X also supports the Intel™ XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) version 1.3, providing easy configuration for power users, and is compatible with the Intel P67 / X79 / Z68 / Z75 / Z77 platforms.

The new XPG Xtreme Series DDR3-2133X dual memory kits are already available in the USA and Canada.

More information can be found on ADATA's website at:
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rapid1 2 years ago

What about us triple channel users here ADATA???

MMadru 2 years ago

This makes my 4GB of ram rig look pathetic.... :(

realneil 2 years ago

I like the low profile it has, and it's got a clean look to it too.

I don't like that price though.

mhenriday 2 years ago

On my AMD Phenom II X4 955 rig, I'm presently running 4 x 4GB Corsair XMS3 Vengeance DDR3 PC12800/1600MHz CL9 RAM. Would there really be an observable advantage to running, say, 2 x 8GB with a faster speed of 2133 MHz ? (I don't think my GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard supports this latter transfer speed (the manufacturers write MHz, but I presume they're really talking about MT/s), but assuming it did, would the difference be noticeable ?) My understanding is that rather than spending money on increasing transfer speed, it's better to increase the amount of RAM. Am I misinformed ?


realneil 2 years ago

Hi Henri,

I have four systems here. Two with 16GB of 2133MHz. And one with 16GB of 1600MHz. RAM in it. (also one with 32GB of 1600MHz. RAM) I switched the RAM back and forth between computers and ran benchmark software to gauge the differences. There was not a lot of benefit in everyday use scenarios. Benches showed a slight increase in performance, but IMO, not enough to matter.

While a computer benchmark program can "see" the added performance however slight, I cannot.

I think that adding more RAM gives more benefits than faster RAM does, but you get more going from 8GB to 16GB than you do when you go to 32GB. from 16GB.

mhenriday 2 years ago

Thanks, realneil - that's more or less what I presumed would prove the case ! I also agree that the hop from 8 to 16GB is far more significant than that from 16 to 32GB. With 16GB I can indulge in my unfortunate tendency to have 100+ tabs open on FF Nightly, without worrying about the machine slowing to a crawl....


LSanoy 2 years ago

massive RAM capabilities.

good for ADATA.

ajm531 2 years ago

What would one do with so much ram?

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