Sony PS4 Preferred Over Xbox One in Online Shopping Poll

In a couple of months, the next generation of console wars will officially kick off as both Sony and Microsoft enter the fray with their respective PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems (meanwhile, Nintendo lies in wait with its Wii U). Which one will prove more popular? That's tough to say at this early stage, though there are some early signs indicating the PS4 may come out of the gate a little stronger.

According to a Reuters poll, more U.S. shoppers are picking the PS4 over the Xbox One. Reuters surveyed nearly 1,300 people online, and out of those, 26 percent said they are likely to buy the PS4 when it becomes available. Around 15 percent said the same about the Xbox One.

PlayStation 4

Younger gamers seem to especially favor the PS4, with 41 percent of the survey respondents under the age of 40 choosing Sony's console, versus 27 percent planning to pick up an Xbox One. Price may be a factor, especially if you assume the younger crowd has less disposable income to play with. Microsoft has priced its console at $499 MSRP, which is $100 more than the PS4, though it also comes with a Kinect motion controller.

All will be revealed soon enough. The Xbox One launches on November 22 and the PlayStation 4 makes its debut on November 15.

Are you planning to buy either of these consoles? If so, which one?
Via:  Reuters
DanJChiccino one year ago

I'm pretty sure that Sony has priced the PS4 at $399 and Microsoft priced the One at $499.

lakiw one year ago

I`m defenetly buying PS4, it`s better console than xbox, on my oppinion. And PS4 is 100$ cheeper than Xbox one, and i can bet that ps4 has better performanse and quality than xbox one.

RicoFrost one year ago

in AUS the PS4 is $50 cheaper however you get the Kinect with the Xbox so if you look at it from that perspective the Xbox is cheaper.

I had ps3 and to be honest the interface was pretty crap. From and interface perspective and content I think the Xbox is far in front.

As for the hardware both will be great consoles. I don't think you will see any difference in game play from a few % performance difference ether way.

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