Verizon Wireless Gets Another LTE Smartphone, The Droid Charge By Samsung

In less than a week, there will be another LTE smartphone option from Verizon Wireless. Samsung Mobile and Verizon Wireless announced the Droid Charge will be available on April 28. The Charge is Samsung’s first LTE smartphone. It features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, rear-facing 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera, 1GHz application processor and HTML 5 Web browser. The Droid Charge will run on Android 2.2 and will offer Mobile Hotspot capabilities.


DROID CHARGE Joins Verizon Wireless’ DROID family
As Samsung’s First 4G LTE Smartphone

April 21, 2011 - BASKING RIDGE, N.J. –Verizon Wireless and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) today announced that the Droid Charge by Samsung will be available April 28 in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at 

The Droid Charge is designed with Samsung’s 4.3-inch Super AMOLED™ Plus display, setting a new touch screen standard for brightness, clarity and outdoor visibility. The Droid Charge is equipped with both a rear-facing 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera for both stills and video chatting. The smartphone’s 1GHz application processor and HTML 5 Web browser maximizes high-speed 4G LTE connectivity for faster downloads and graphics processing. 

Additional Features:

- 4G LTE– customers can expect download speeds of  5 to 12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps in 4G Mobile Broadband coverage area

- Android 2.2 platform – With support for Google Mobile Services including Gmail, YouTube™, Google Talk, Google Search, Google Maps and access to more than 150,000 apps available to download from Android Market™

- Adobe® Flash® Player compatible

- Mobile Hotspot capability – share 4G connection with up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices or a 3G connection with up to 5 devices

- Samsung Media Hub – Samsung’s own content service, offering a vast lineup of critically acclaimed films and TV programs for rent or purchase

- Virtual QWERTY Keyboard featuring Swype Technology

Pricing and data plans:

- The Droid Charge by Samsung will be available for $299.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

- Droid Charge customers will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan and a 4G LTE data package.  Nationwide Talk plans begin at $39.99 monthly access. Unlimited 4G LTE data packages start at $29.99 monthly access. Mobile hotspot feature will be included for a limited time at no additional charge.

Find the DROID Charge

Beginning April 21, anyone over the age of 18 can participate in an exclusive Droid Charge Scavenger Hunt.   Follow the online clues to find hidden locations in 16 different cities to win a Droid Charge by Samsung.  For additional information about the DROID Charge scavenger hunt, visit:

Via:  Samsung
omegadraco 3 years ago

Its not a perfect rectangle... someone is trying to break out of the design box. With Verizon's LTE network slated to double in size this year I am not surprised to see another LTE enabled phone become available. If you look at the history of Sprints WiMax network and when the Evo 4G was released shortly after they flooded their product line with 4G capable phones.

infinityzen1 3 years ago

To bad it is made by Samsung. Even worse, it is a 2.2 device on a new phone when Samsung is the default platform for 2.3. That means there is no excuse for it not to be running 2.3, and with Samsung's upgrade history it won't see that for a year.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

I really hope they don't jack up the price on the bionic too. If the atrix and evo 4g are selling for 199 I dont see how they can charge 299 for this phone even thought it's a 4g lte phone. Yeah this should have shipped with 2.3, I'm sure they had their reasons though.

Is this the first production phone with the super AMOLED plus screen? I'll have to go play with it to see how it looks.

mystery250 3 years ago

It looks like a nice phone, and I love the Android operating system, but it's a bit too pricey. If I was to get a smartphone, I'd wait until it has aged a bit and come down in price.

I'm glad they're constantly adding phones using Android, the more people that use it the more they'll improve it.

rapid1 3 years ago

That is an easy answer Drake, this is a Verizon phone. Therefore it is inexorably better than anything else, plus it has LTE which is also inexorably better than anything else right! While I have seen the thing about Verizon LTE being faster than anyone else in network traffic speeds what a month ago. I have also read that as a general user T-mobile believe it or not has the best general up and down speeds with Verizon and Sprint pretty much tied for third. This is in actual usage speeds the test we saw were comparable to ATI or Nvidia's GPU capability tests right before a new one comes to market. There totally weighted tests that favor said technology and capabilities.

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