Playstaton Portable Turns 5 (35 in Console Years)

Shame on you, Sony. Why? Well, the company's PlayStation Portable turned 5 years old this week, and did so with little fanfare, or even a few balloons. That's okay, PSP, because HotHardware has your back, though we're not going to sing the birthday jingle. Aw, what the heck.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear PlayStation Portable,
Happy birthday to you (you live in a zoo...).

Silliness aside, Sony has reason to celebrate the occasion. During its five-year run, the PSP has put up a respectable fight in the handheld console arena. Sony has sold 60 million PSPs worldwide, and of those, 17 million have landed in the United States. Yes, that's a far cry from the Nintendo DS, which as sold some 125 million units worldwide since November 2004, but that's like an MMORPG comparing itself to WoW's numbers and then being disappointed with half the amount of subscribers.

"It's been a resounding success," says Peter Dille, Sony's senior VP of marketing and the PlayStation Network.

Yes it has, but don't expect the price to drop any time soon. According to Dille, Sony is content with the PSP's $249 price point and they "have no plans to make any changes to that."
Via:  USA Today
la_guy_10 4 years ago

For a handheld gaming device I will give the PSP its due. If I am not mistaking this device can do HD video. Happy B-day PSP.

inspector 4 years ago

Happy birthday PSP! sorri didn't get your a gift :) lol. My psp is just sitting on my desk for the past months without me turning it on O.o

Devil_Dante 4 years ago

I bet you that the horrible creation called the PSPGo will have a huge party for it's 5th birthday. I've had my PSP since early '06, and I reckon I got around 400 hours on it. The only games I ever played on it were SOCOM, God of War, and the Monster Hunter games.

m-manla 4 years ago

I love my PSP2000. Hi Def, music (even if It doesn't have EQ features), gaming, internet. And I can link it up directly to either my PS3 or PC. DS can't do that. Happy BDay, Playstation Portable.

RyuGTX 4 years ago

Really? Didn't know it was 5 years old already!


I just got my PSP recently off of a friend who doesn't use it anymore. I love the huge screen. I just need to get a bigger Memory Stick because the one my friend gave me was only 1GB.

Kyouya 4 years ago

As a owner for a PSP 2000, I've been very happy with what it provides whether it is games, music or video playback. I am hoping they could put more use to the portable in the near future...

animatortom 4 years ago

I am always asking myself, "In five years, what would it matter"

Well, five years later! I don't think I have really missed much. I have never really been a portable game player. Maybe that's because I like to actually keep a girlfriend. JK :P

I have always been a fan of games that I can have on a big screen with killer immerse sound and as high definition as possible! Looking back, I am glad I never got into it, and made all those expenditures on the equipment and discs. Although, the home PlayStation's have really put a dent in me. I don't think there was a driving wheel or Flight yoke that I did not try! Plus all those light guns as well ;)

Now the world does have a way of balancing itself out. My sister on the other hand has owned two of the PSP's, and she absolutely loves them. She even gets all those little movie discs to go with it.

As for me, I am still looking for even bigger 3D HD projectors and better 22.1 DTS-EXS_THX sound, with motion simulator platforms for my PS3 :)

RyuGTX 4 years ago

There are some games that don't need to be on big 3D HD projectors, let alone regular LCD TVs with an outrageous sound system. For me, I'm a fan of many Japanese RPGs and they don't need any of that stuff. It would be kinda nice to have it, but it isn't needed. As long as it is fun and fun can come from gameplay mechanics, story, etc.

I know a lot of people aren't a fan of Japanese RPGs. But there are a lot of other games I think are great for the PSP. One of my recent games is a puzzle game by the name of EchoChrome. It is an interesting puzzle game based on perspective and trying to get to a particular point. So lets say you want to get from point A to point B but there is a hole in the middle of the path. You would then rotate the camera so that hole isn't visible anymore because a pillar or something is blocking it. Because you, the player, don't see the hole anymore, it doesn't exist to the walking man. He can therefore safely walk from point A to point B. The puzzles get a lot harder than this. If I didn't explain well and I probably just confused you, look up a review or some videos.

I think portables are really great. Play them wherever. Like on a subway or in between classes.

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