Brace Yourself: Sony to Charge Monthly Fee for PlayStation 4 Mulitplayer Online Gaming

Sorry, Sony fans, but the free ride for online multiplayer on the company's flagship console will come to an end when the PlayStation 4 debuts to retail next week. In order to frag your friends online, you'll need to pony up for a PlayStation Plus subscription. It's been reported recently that the fee for online multiplayer will run $9.99 per month in the U.S., 6.99 euros ($9.40) in Europe, and 500 yen ($5) in Japan, and that's led to a bit of confusion on the Internet.

To clarify, you can already purchase a PlayStation Plus membership (a single subscription works across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems) in one of two available tiers: 12 months for $49.99, or 3 months for $17.99. Back at E3, Sony also introduced a new $9.99/month option, but you can still enjoy online multiplayer with either of the two other payment options. That said, pricing is pretty much in line with Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold subscription, but unlike Microsoft, Sony is only making the subscription a requirement for online multiplayer. A PlayStation Plus membership is not required to view Netflix and other media services.

PlayStation 4

Outside of online multiplayer access, there are some immediate and recurring benefits to a PlayStation Plus membership. As it currently stands, a membership includes 12 "Hit" games for the PS3 and 6 for the PS Vita for free, new free games added to the collection every month, and exclusive discounts of up to 75 percent on the PlayStation Store. It also features cloud saves, automatic game updates, and early access to beta programs. All of this helps soften the blow that you'll suddenly be required to pay to play with friends online, something you didn't have to do on the PlayStation 3.

Not digging it? Without a PlayStation Plus subscription, you'll still be able to play single-player games for free when you're not busy watching Netflix. Otherwise, you'll have to suck it up like your Xbox 360 brethren have been doing for the past several years now.
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ShubhamSingh one year ago

What dafuck!!!

CurtisGosnell one year ago

I really hope Steam crushes all these silly consoles...

JohnCathcart one year ago

With all of the crap that Sony fans gave Xbox fans, I find his hilariously ironic.

NickPower one year ago

Just because Sony are now charging the online fee does not change the fact that they have been offering free online gaming on the ps3 for seven years.

MikeSeiwell one year ago

They announced this months ago

NathanLindsey one year ago

Known that since E3.

TimmSinnen one year ago

Wait, when did we get back to August?

Not surprised, though, MS got away with charging for online and not adding anything of value (and throwing in advertising on top of it); at least PS Plus has some extra value added.

JamesRennie one year ago

Old news !!!

JamesRennie one year ago

Not fussed!! Dcuo is free

AlexMcAlpin one year ago

Yup. Known this since forever.. (August) Old new HotHardware!

(But I'm still pro-PS4 as far as consoles go)

GarrySmith one year ago


Just keep pushing players to learn more about PC gaming. :D

JasonDavis1 one year ago

I know! There's finally something that Microsoft is doing as well as Sony this coming generation!

SouravRana one year ago

Gr8 policy :)

sevags one year ago

I am glad they are finally doing this. You get what you pay for and the PS3's online experience was sub-par compared to the 360's. $10 a month is way too much but the 50-60 a year that Xbox charges would be understandable.

KadenBeegle one year ago

its not a bad thing though, paying for online services like multiplayer allows the provider an income that will keep them able to improve the service

IvanCruz one year ago

Looks like I'll be keeping my PS3 indefinately.

Paul_lilly one year ago

For those asking why we're running this story now, it's because there was some confusion over a Nikkei Business Daily report saying Sony would charge $9.99/month for online multiplayer. Some gamers took this to mean that online multiplayer would no longer be included in Sony's PlayStation Plus membership, which runs $49.99 per year or $17.99 for 3 months, when in fact the $9.99/month option is something new that Sony added back at E3.

To clear up the confusion, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida confirmed via Twitter yesterday that online multiplayer will still be included in the two original PlayStation Plus membership options. So no, you don't have to pay $9.99/month for online multiplayer, but yes, you do still have to pay at least $5/month (in an annual lump sum of $49.99) to whip your friends online, unlike the PS3 (hence, "Brace yourself").

RicoFrost one year ago

LOL and all the Playstation fanboys talking crap about xbox.

FacelessGuy one year ago

Old news, since the annoucement of the PS4. It will not include Apps or F2P games. Unlike Xbox One.

MichaelLapointe one year ago

Meh still love it

xray-vision one year ago

REALLY? WOW... It's amazing how many people will allow a corporation to milk them. Think about this from a BUSINESS perspective... YOU WILL PAY $300-? DOLLARS for the console, the price will fluctuate with different features such as if it comes with a game, the size of the hard drive, etc. YOU ALSO ALREADY PAY your internet service provider a monthly fee to have internet access in your home. If you have Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant video etc. YOU WILL ALREADY BE PAYING A MONTHLY FEE to use those. YOU WILL PAY FOR EACH GAME you get for your console. And now YOU will in a nutshell PAY RENT to use the console for anything internet related... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Microsoft has been the MOTHER of milking for years, and yes they get you to say "it's just a few dollars a month." but again, think of this from a BUSINESS perspective it's not about the price so don't make juvenile and petty comments acting like the price is the problem. I will say that for some people it may be though. I have refused to allow Microsoft to take more money from me after paying for all the hardware and software that is apart of an XBOX for that reason. I have made many investments in life and I teach my son about investments. How can you be okay with paying TWO+ companies for internet? Microsoft got their foot in the door by selling you the XBOX and making you have to purchase more hardware to be able use all the features they advertised, again, these are one time lump sums for each upgrade you bought, then you had to buy windows 7, and not just the the home edition... oh no you had to get an upgraded version, just to use Windows Media Center on your XBOX. They didn't stop there... after making you invest in all of those things... THEY ADDED A LIFETIME RECURRING FEE-JUST FOR USING IT! That's what's behind the final door! You already pay for internet you already paid for the console and you already pay for any T.V. / video apps you installed on it. This is not about the price this is about weather or not you are going to allow yourself to continue being milked, or let's face it...EXTORTED. This is not like an apartment, which you don't actually OWN... This is you paying a price to OWN something and allowing the manufacturer to charge you for the rest of your days as long as you use it, even though you OWN IT! Am I the only one who sees through this? Now that Microsoft has gotten away with this for so long others are going to follow starting with Sony obviously. And you might say it's only a few dollars a month, but that's what they want you to say. Do the math, in a few years you've paid them the cost of another console, on top of the games you've paid for, and so on and so forth. If this continues you will eventually be paying every manufacturer who makes a product for using it regardless of ownership. Are you going to go to DELL and pay for a computer, then pay CENTURY LINK for internet, and then keep paying DELL to get on the internet, as well as CENTURY LINK? Are you going to buy an IPHONE and PAY VERIZON for service and PAY VERIZON to add INTERNET onto your plan and then PAY APPLE just for using the IPHONE? Better yet are you going to buy a car and pay for it in full and take OWNERSHIP and then after you've paid the dealership... KEEP paying FORD or CHEVROLET, or TOYOTA for using it? Now you can leave childish comments at this or admit that what i'm saying makes sense. I pay my INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER to have internet, and I bought a modem from them, I PAY NETFLIX and HULUPLUS, to stream movies and T. V. shows through that INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER. I already paid for and OWN a PS and an XBOX, and paid for and OWN the games I have for them. It makes no sense for them to charge me for internet when I PAY FOR IT ALREADY! I Paid DELL for the computer I used to connect to the internet and leave this comment. DELL isn't charging me to use this computer since I already paid them a few hundred dollars and I already pay my INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER. :) They don't provide internet so I don't have to pay them, just like SONY and MICROSOFT don't provide internet either. Yet they want you to pay them for it. Being a smart investor, I supported PlayStation and recommended it to several people and friends and family, and they all got what I was saying and purchased PlayStations, because they weren't making you pay for more and more and more. Now that Microsoft opened the door, Others are stepping through. Go online, and if you don't want to pay more right now than what you already pay to go online, use your PC. Look up the DEFINITION of EXTORTION. Read the whole definition. Can you honestly say that word is not a proper description of this situation? this needs to stop now. If you get it good if you don't I hope you one day do, and if you're O. K. with it now that you know and it's obvious, that more will start to do it, then cool keep paying a few dollars a month for the rest of your life.

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