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The original BlackBerry Bold made its debut about a year ago. Even though the original model is still a solid device, it's now time for a flashier, faster model that will make you yearn for an upgrade. The latest RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 is available through T-Mobile and AT&T. We evaluate the T-Mobile version here.

As T-Mobile's first 3G BlackBerry, the Bold 9700 not only offers
T-Mobile customers a sleek new handset in time for the holidays, but it also offers versatility in the form of UMA support for Wi-Fi calling. While T-Mobile's 3G network may not be as vast as some other carrier's networks, T-Mobile is continuing to expand its 3G service nationwide and expects to offer 3G service to approximately 200 million people across the US by year end. It's definitely nice to see the carrier add more 3G handsets to its lineup, especially a full-featured phone such as the BlackBerry 9700 that can really take advantage of the new network.

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Compared to the previous Bold, the Bold 9700 features a faster processor, an updated OS, and a sleeker design. It also has an upgraded camera with a 3.2 megapixel sensor and the ability to record video.

Traditionally, BlackBerry handsets have failed to offer an outstanding Web browser. Sadly, the Bold 9700 is no exception. Simply put, the Web browser doesn't stand up to the competition in terms of ease of use or functionality, especially in a day where so many handsets offer desktop-like browsing experiences on a mobile handset. That said, you can still browse the Web on the Bold 9700, just know that the experience won't be as nice as if you were browsing on a device such as the iPhone or DROID.

Despite mediocre web browsers, BlackBerry handsets have been wildly popular, especially for users who are primarily concerned with messaging capabilities. Just how well does the Bold 9700 handle messaging and other key features? Does it stand out from the crowd of other BlackBerries on the market today? Join us as we take a closer look at the Bold 9700 to find out answers to these questions and many more.

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Oblio211 4 years ago

I purchased one of these from AT&T for work. I like the new trackpad so much more than the trackball. But not going to replace my iPhone any time soon.

InfinityzeN 4 years ago

I'm more than happy with my Samsung Moment.  It's an Andriod phone, which is a much better OS then Palm. 

So how is that Samsung iPhone holding up for you Oblio? (Before anyone knocks me, I'm teasing since Samsung makes almost everything [CPU, Ram, Flash, Board, etc] in the iPhone)

EnigmaCypher7 4 years ago

We use Blackberry's (Of one Generation / Type or the other)  here at work and I'd have to agree with you, though it is a bit more beefier then the previous Bold, its just a way of marketing. A way of making the end user want to next new "Flash".

IMO, These phones are great for the office professional where as the iPhone gives the cute little Apps, its not really a Professional business tool. (~I am sure to take heat from iPhone users with that one, but its my opinion.)

gibbersome 4 years ago

Depends what business. The Iphone is the most widely used medical/nursing assistant smartphone, in part to the Epocrates Iphone app amongst others.

In fact, certain nursing and medical school require Iphones from their students.

PIshanka 3 years ago

The Bold 9700 comes with a trackpad, which seems to be the new standard on BlackBerry devices. The trackpad makes navigation much smoother, and it will add to the shelf life of the device. No more cleaning your trackball or replacing it, the trackpad is here to stay.
As mentioned above, the Bold 9700 is reminiscent of the Curve 8900 form factor. While the keyboard is in the Bold style, with ergonomic and tightly packed keys, it is definitely closer to the 8900 in size. The Bold 9700 keyboard is quite tight and it seems as though this will be the defining feature of this BlackBerry. Users will either be attracted to the slim, tight, form factor, or they will look for a device with more breathing room such as the Tour or Bold 9000.

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