Nokia Lumia 925 Smartphone Review

By and large, the Lumia line has looked fairly uniform to date, relying on polycarbonate frames, bold colors and stand-out camera features to differentiate itself.

The Lumia 925, despite being one of the final Lumias to ship with Nokia's branding, stands as one of the first in the range to truly carve a different path on the design front. It's the first Lumia to roll metal into its design, and while you'll still recognize it as a tried-and-true Lumia at a glance, there's no question that it's cut from a different cloth.

In many ways, the Lumia 925 stands as a gentle refresh of the Lumia 920. It adds a bit of metal to its construction, slims down the overall package, and includes a nice boost on the camera front. Do these additions make it worth the $100-on-contract asking price, and moreover, is Windows Phone 8 truly ready to compete with the latest iPhone and the bevy of high-quality Android phones hitting the market?

Nokia Lumia 925 Smartphone Review

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