Intel Demonstrates Its First Mobile Wimax Baseband Chip

Intel Demonstrates Its First Mobile Wimax Baseband Chip

Next Step Toward Integrated WiMAX/Wi-Fi Technology for Future Laptops, Mobile Devices

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and HONG KONG, Dec. 6, 2006 - Intel Corporation today announced design completion of its first mobile WiMAX baseband chip. Combined with the company's previously announced single-chip, multi-band WiMAX/Wi-Fi radio, the pair creates a complete chipset called the Intel WiMAX Connection 2300. This development marks another major step in Intel's efforts to deliver an "always best connected" mobile Internet experience for future laptops and mobile devices.

The Intel WiMAX Connection 2300 chipset design was demonstrated during Executive Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Sean Maloney's keynote at the 3G World Congress and Mobility Marketplace in Hong Kong. READ MORE...

Via:  Intel

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