Fanhattan 'Fan TV' Set-Top Box Debuts, Competition for Apple, Google, Roku, and Microsoft

There’s a major evolutionary step that the television needs to take in order to become as svelte, powerful, immediate, and simple as most other consumer technology is these days. Major players including Apple, Google, and Microsoft, in addition to smaller though no less potent competitors such as Roku, are knocking on the door. Another contender, Fan TV, hopes to kick that door open.

Fan TV

Armed with loads of feedback from its iOS app, Fanhattan spent two years creating Fan TV, which promises to make viewing your content pulled from live TV, streaming services, and DVR accessible in a simple and attractive way.

Fan TV

For however well (or not) the system executes its goal, the centerpiece of the whole thing is a beautifully designed remote. The palm-sized device, which looks a bit like a large egg sliced in half longways, rests atop what appears to be a similar-looking charging station and has no buttons. Instead, the flat surface of the remote offers users touch input to navigate the options on the screen.

Fan TV

The app itself is available for the iPad, iPhone, and now the web. We wish the Fan TV folks nothing but the best, because the first product that lets us discard our three-remote home entertainment mess will have our undying love.

Via:  Fanhattan

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