Digital Storm’s Aventum II Looks Like the Bolt’s Big Brother

We dug the Digital Storm Bolt, with its attractive angles and custom case design, and the Digital Storm Aventum II, announced today, looks to be a larger and higher-end version of the SFF gaming rig. The black and red color scheme as well as some design cues were definitely brought up from the Bolt, including what looks like the ability to remove the top and side panels as a unit to expose an inner metal skeleton.

Digital Storm Aventum

There’s also custom, hand-crafted, nickel-plated copper piping for the liquid cooling system, which is further comprised of a Thermal Control Module, ample air intakes, 420mm radiators, a multitude of fans, and a special rear vent that’s supposed to improve heat exhaust.

Digital Storm Aventum

Under the hood, the Aventum II features up to an Intel Core i7-3970X processor, three-way NVIDIA GTX Titan (6GB) in SLI, 16GB of 1866MHz RAM, a 240GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSD and a 1TB (7200 RPM) storage drive, an ASUS X79 motherboard, and a Blu-ray player/DVD burner.

Digital Storm Aventum

Aventum IIs start at $4,999, but the unit described above is the top of the line Level 4 version, which costs a hefty $9,500.

Via:  Digital Storm

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