CyberPowerPC Opens SFF System Configurator, Monster Components In Mini Chassis

SFF (small form factor) rigs can be tricky; depending on the configuration, they can be decent if underpowered machines or performance beasts, and although many system builders are putting out whole lines of the compact computers, you’ve in some cases only been able to configure them so much, often limited by the size of the chassis.

CyberPowerPC SFF

CyberPowerPC, for its part, has just launched a configurator for SFF builds, so you can obsess about every detail and nuance of a little build as much as you have larger systems.

CyberPowerPC SFF

The key is CyberPowerPC’s use of chassis that can support a wider variety of components, such as full-size graphics cards and standard-size PSUs. Chassis include the Corsair Obsidian 250D, BitFenix Prodigy SFF, and Fractal Design Node 304, and you can start the component selection process with an Intel Core i7-4790K “Devil’s Canyon” (4.0GHz) processor and an NVIDIA GTX Titan Black or the AMD R9 200 series GPUs.

CyberPowerPC SFF

Liquid cooling is an option, and you can opt for HDD storage in capacities of 500GB to 2TB as well as SSD storage, too.

Via:  CyberPowerPC

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