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Intel Unveils Next-Gen Moorestown Atom Platform

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At a recent briefing, we had the chance to get some hands-on time with a couple of Moorestown-based prototype devices, as well as witness a number of test platforms first hand.

First off, we thought we'd show you a quick video of the Aava Mobile smartphone prototype in action...

As you can see, the prototype is about the size of an iPhone, but perhaps just a little longer due to the larger screen. What you're seeing here is the 1080P version of the Avatar movie trailer playing back on the device. This version of the phone was running an early Android build, but initially Moorestown will also support Moblin / MeeGo.

We also saw a Moorestown-based Tablet from Open Peak and a number of other demos showcasing the platform's performance. In one demo, we witnessed a Moorestown-based device simultaneously running the 3DMarkMobile benchmark, while also capturing video from its camera, and playing back an HD video clip without dropping any frames. Needless to say, the screen was a little cramped, but the platform seemed to perform very well.

Intel hasn't announced any specific design wins just yet, but the fact that we've already held an Aava Mobile prototype in our hands and that Intel and Nokia have already formed a strategic partnership bodes well for Moorestown. Having spent copious amounts of time tweaking and modifying an HTC Touch Pro 2 recently and experiencing every iteration of the iPhone, we're certainly intrigued by Moorestown. The prospect of having what is essentially a complete PC in our pocket, with similar capabilities to an average netbook, but with battery life on-par with a high-end smartphone, is just plain exciting.

We'll surely be hearing more about Moorestown in the weeks and months ahead. So stay tuned to HotHardware for more scoops and news as it becomes available.

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The phone is very nice looking and the perf is awesome (1080p on your phone is insane). I just do not get the 45nm it makes no sense much like the cpu/gpu thing. A larger processor of any type creates more heat, and uses more energy by default. So the phone would run considerably longer cooler, with better wear over time, more comfortable to carry on your person etc etc etc.

Yes I know they wanted to flash there awesome new stuff, but come on like they don't have enough intro'd in the last 6 months give me a break. Take a cue from apple (I cannot believe I just said that), even though I hate many of there business practices, and many other things about them as a company. They do great design, and generally it does not leak, or people that leak it mysteriously disappear.

They already had the 45nm. Yes I could see a batch unit specially for this type of thing (flash), but design a working 32nm variant before it's released. Not only will the world be better for it, the company will also do better. Think about one of these in 32nm with there new hyper gate technology in it, that would blow the performance of any mobile unit on the planet to shame. Yeah an EVO or a Legend may look awesome, but imagine one running at 1.66 with a ULV Atom at 32nm in it. Use your competition to and get ATI busting on some uber small GPU at 22nm or something with a 20GB mini SSD unit in it as well.

Show us what a tablet/smart phone/ ultra mobile computer is supposed to look like, not what you may be able to produce in a year or two!

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I wondered when Intel was going to get into this area, as ARM seemed to be doing well with their "Snapdragon" CPU for mobile devices. I was thinking certainly Intel was not conceding this part of the market. Phones seem to be fast enough today maybe this will help battery life. Again the iPhone seems snappy at least the 3GS model.

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It's good to see more players in this segment. Prices will fall with meaningful competition. This is good.

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Sweet looking phone!
Maybe now with the new processor that creates more heat. We are going back to the phones that heat up after you talk for a while. SO you get to have that sweat dripping on the screen again!
Or maybe that's just the cancer in my head from the old flip phone talking :P

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