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WHDI Kits Explored: Asus WiCast, brite-View HDelight

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Home Theater PC buffs rejoice, wireless transmission of HDMI® connections has finally come of age.  Though there are currently two camps gaining traction in the market (Intel's WiDi and WHDI), the bottom line is lag-free full HD 1080p wireless video/audio transmission is now a reality.  No longer does that HTPC need to be shoehorned into the confines of your entertainment center.  And that desktop replacement notebook you have perched on the coffee table just got a major display upgrade, seamlessly connected to your HDTV; look Ma, no wires.  Stay with us as we take you through a tour of two WHDI standard-based wireless HDMI® transmitter kits--the Asus WiCast and the briteView HDelight.  Big screen gaming nirvana and multitude of media center goodness takes center stage at HotHardware.

Both of these WHDI-based kits utilize the same family of Amimon WHDI transmitter and receiver chipsets.  The technology is capable of full 1080p HD video and Dolby Digital surround sound audio transmissions over distances of up to 30 feet with less than a millisecond of latency.  This new technology is, in a word, "amazing" actually.
Asus WiCast and brite-View HDelight Specifications
Amimon Power WHDI Standard-Based Technology
Video:  Up to 1080p at 60Hz, <1 ms latency
Audio:   Up to 8 channels
Wireless Technology:  WHDI
Transmission Distance:   5 to 10 meters (line of sight), can function not line-of-sight
Operation Frequency:   5.15 ~ 5.85 GHz
Data Rate:   3G bps
Power Supply Transmitter: DC 5V, 2A adapter or USB power
Receiver:  DC 5V, 2A adapter
Interface:   Transmitter: 1 x HDMI input
Receiver:  1 x HDMI output
  • Air-bridge your PC and HDTV in uncompressed 1080p HD quality
  • Support up to 1080p @ 60Hz HD quality resolution
  • Less than 1ms latency making it ideal for PC and online gaming, HD video and Blu-ray
  • Wireless transmission protected by HDCP Revision 2.0
  • Auto Set-up, Plug & Play
  • HDMI® 1.3 supported

Diagram showing an integrated transmitter implementation of the WHDI standard...

Amimon WHDI Transmitter and Receiver Pair Chipset

Asus WiCast WHDI Wireless Transmitter Kit - Click for full resolution images

brite-View HDelight WHDI Transmitter Kit - Click for full resolution images

We're giving both of these kits a solid HotHardware rating with our Editor's Choice award.  Yes, they performed that well.  Performance with both products was identical for all intents and purposes with only a small size advantage going to the Asus WiCast.  Currently we see prices ranging from $189.99 to $199.99 for the Asus WiCast and the HDelight from brite-View is listing for $169.99.  If you're in the market, you can decide which system makes most sense to you.  The WiCast is slightly smaller and minimalistic, something that could be important in your usage environment.  But then again, currently you can save up to $20 going with the brite-View product.  Either way, you really can't go wrong and we're more than comfortable giving these two products our full EC rating. True, the fact of the matter is, the technology is best implemented fully integrated on the transmitting device side.  However, a kit like this provides users with the flexibility of connecting virtually any standard HDMI output from any device and also make use of it on multiple devices you may have kicking around.  Seamless, wireless transmission of HDMI outputs has finally come of age, thanks to Amimon and the folks at Asus and brite-View.  And we'd have to say it's <HOT>. 

Asus WiCast and brite-View HDelight


  • Flawless virtually lag-free transmission
  • Just works
  • "Driverless" installation
  • 30' Range through walls
  • Non-integrated approach but more flexible

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Is there any way to control the receivers ( therefore the source PC if it is in another room) with a remote control? Thanks.

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Is there any way to control the receivers ( therefore the source PC if it is in another room) with a remote control? Thanks.

Well, the remote control would have to be RF but I suppose it's possible.  The devices are "dumb" in that they just pass the signal, no control per se.  They're spec'ed to work up to 30 feet and through walls but lesser transmit power/distant if not line-of site obviously, so your mileage could vary.

Thanks for checking out the story and stopping by HH!  Smile


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I have to agree that this is very nice technology and your presentation was spot on.

The actual demo of the gear on film was a nice touch, and HH's video recording just gets better over time.

The fact that these little gizmos can stream 1080P AND Dolby audio at the same time with no noticeable lag is truly impressive.

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totally freakin amazing!

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Good presentation. I personally don't even have a flat screen TV yet, as we don't really watch a lot of TV at my house. Everyone uses computers, so we were thinking about getting one, but I am flipping the idea of either the TV which would be great, or building a new PC. All three people in my house use PC's a good bit. We do watch a couple of show's, and of course my little one likes cartoons. You don't need a HD TV for cartoons, and the couple of network shows me and mommy use it for I don't know. On top of it if I get a HD TV then I will probably want some means of getting movies and things on there. The wireless thing was one thought, but what to use a HTPC, a NAS media server etc. I was also wondering about the wireless method which this seems to do pretty darn well, and wondering why I could not use my N router with a USB wireless card in the TV. One thing that confuses me here is this transmits at a 60Mhz frame rate where HD TV's go way higher than 60Mhz now which I know above 120Hz is not really needed, but 120Hz seems to be a necessity in many situations especially sports or live events on TV.

Great presentation Dave I will watch it a few times to catch all the details (fine points are a big thing to me) which you seem to cover fully.

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