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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

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Samsung introduced the original Galaxy Tab in late 2010 and Samsung's line-up of Galaxy-branded products has simply exploded since then. Even for those who avidly follow consumer technology, it's getting tough to track. There's the Galaxy Tab line of tablets, the Galaxy S line of smartphones, and then there's the Galaxy Note line which is comprised of an array of devices. It's the Galaxy Note line in particular that's perhaps the most complex. The smaller Note devices are traditionally phones, while the Note 10.1,  which as its name suggests is a 10.1 tablet, was added in order to offer S Pen stylus functionality in a tablet. As Samsung has evolved the Galaxy line-up, it has also attempted to introduce all sorts of form factors, including some that others have ignored.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 was first introduced at Mobile World Congress as a multifaceted device; it was part tablet, part mobile phone. Indeed, the global variant of the Note 8.0 is equipped with a cellular radio that can handle both data and voice transmissions. But the Note 8.0 that shipped in the U.S. market is a simpler device, because there's no voice capability--it's  just a tablet. Well, "just" is a complicated term in this case. You see, the Note 8.0 is one of the only 8-inch tablets on the market. It's positioned between a glut of 7-inch tablets (including a few from Samsung itself), and a raft of 10-inch tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Specifications & Features
Operating System:
System Weight:
System Dimensions:
Software Extras:
Exynos 4412 (1.6GHz; quad-core)
Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
8-inch Touch-Enabled Display with 1280 x 800 resolution
16GB Flash Memory (microSD expansion slot is available as well)
1.3MP front camera; 5MP rear camera
Stereo Speakers, microphone / headphone combo jack
802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
 micro-USB, USB 2.0, MicroSD, headphone/mic, dock connector
4600mAh battery
11.68 ounces
8.3" X 5.35" x 0.31"
Samsung Traditional UI; Widgets; TouchWiz; Smart Unlock; Accelerometer

If you aren't familiar with the Note line, it's Samsung's way of advancing the tablet. Due to the inclusion of the S Pen (a sophisticated stylus) as well as a unique mix of TouchWiz applications atop Android, the Note line can do more than your average slate. Samsung's proposal here is a unique set of software components, as well as a uniquely sized device. But are those extras worth the $400 asking price, particularly in a world full of 7-inch tablets that perform quite admirably available for under half of that? Join us as we find out...

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Typo on first page: 18-inch Touch-Enabled Display.

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What? Where? ;-) Thx!

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@razvanlost: The price is comparable to others I've seen on Amazon, (there are a plethora of keyboards & cases for the Note 8.0). If you don't have a laptop, then having a keyboard is a great addition. There are also some keyboards that are detachable from the case as well.

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I live in Thailand and bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 a week ago because for me the stylus is something I will get a lot of use and benefit out of, but:

1. I am now on my 5th Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 in a week with all of them exhibiting a manufacturing QC fault of a portion of the screen being non-reactive to the stylus unless it is pressed quite hard against the glass.

2. The Samsung Thailand website has no English language content at all, not even contact details

3. The packaging and warranty registration cards provided with the product are entirely in Thai language

4. There is a phone number for a call centre on the warranty card but the greeting and instructions are entirely in Thai and selecting numbers at random merely gets you to a Thai speaking agent who promptly returns the call to the queue as soon as they hear English language

On the plus side the hand writing recognition is extremely good, the processor fast, and the tablet a nice size for taking everywhere.

If not for the unresponsive section of screen and soft keys for return and backspace requiring additional screen pressure to activate I would be delighted with the product, but five out of five units all having the same problem and not being able to communicate with the company at all indicates to me that Samsung is being extremely brave pitching the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 at a price point equal to an IPad mini here.

If my money isn't as good as a Thai persons money and Samsung can't provide even English language contact details I'll stay with the Japanese and American manufacturers who don't discriminate and provide dual language warranty details and websites.

My fifth Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will be returned to the store for refund today and I'll wait for someone to bring out a better stylus-equipped 8-inch tablet.

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very nice one,But can it waterproof?Long stand by time?Shockroof?Dustroof?

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originally, anybody want to buy a note . Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is the best quality product but now a days it review bad effect on this people. Tablet is better than it. Anyone can to buy a tablet anytime.

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