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There's a new company joining the ranks of boutique system builders with customization options that could turn the head of even the most die-hard DIY-er. The paint is scarcely dry on the Origin logo—the business opened on November 17th—but the corporation's three founders each spent a decade at Alienware prior to founding Origin. Their collective expertise is already evident; Origin offers unique customization options that set a new bar for what constitutes a "customizable" system. In this preview, we'll examine both the nascent company and the design of the review system it sent for evaluation; hard numbers will follow.

If You Can Buy It, They Can Build It

Origin offers all of the typical custom options you'd expect from an enthusiast-oriented manufacturer, but then takes the design process a step further. Potential customers are invited to select their own chassis if they don't like Origin's options, or alternately have the option of shipping their own chassis directly to the company. The system's exterior can be customized in a similar manner—in addition to the metallic and solid-color finishes available, would-be artists can submit their own visual themes or designs.

An example of Killer Paint's work.

Origin has partnered with Killer Paint for its custom airbrush work, which should ensure top-notch quality. Customers who submit their own artistic work also receive 3D renderings of how the design will look and can tweak the design
accordingly. Even the system logo is customizable; the company informed us that customers have the option of stamping their notebook or desktop with whatever name or design suits their fancy.

The company's internal component options are bog standard and run the gamut of price points and manufacturers, save for motherboards. Here, options are limited and almost entirely EVGA-centric—Core i7 buyers can choose between the EVGA X58 SLI Classified and the EVGA SLI Micro. Both Core i5 and AMD users are stuck with single-board options; the Core i5 is partnered with the EVGA P55 FTW, while AMD users are limited to the Asus M4A79T Deluxe. Hopefully we'll see more options in 2010—Origin, after all, is just six weeks old.

When we talked to Origin about its configuration options, the company assured us that it'll build with any hardware from any vendor the customer desires.

Origin's approach to warranty service is summed up neatly in the image below (stolen from their website):

High-end OEMs tend to offer better default warranty terms than Dell or HP might on your next $299 desktop purchase. Origin is no exception here, but the company also includes a few unique perks that we've not seen elsewhere. First, every system the company builds is assigned to a particular representative whose job it is to handle any issues that arise with your particular system. Said representatives are also located in the US, which reduces the chance that you'll be stuck with "Frank," who sounds as though he's speaking at 45 RPM.

Aren't you glad you bought the two-year warranty?

The company's terms and conditions for product service and replacement are fairly standard but Origin includes lifetime free labor in even the basic warranty bundle. The company's definition of what situations qualify for free labor is also broader than one might expect. Customers who want to upgrade their systems but are leery of digging around in the case always have the option of shipping the system (along with parts they've already purchased) to Origin for free hardware installation.

The company's free labor guarantee extends well beyond simple hardware upgrades. Assume a customer buys an Origin PC with a one year standard warranty. 18 months later (well outside the warranty period), the motherboard in the system dies.

The customer now has several options:
  • Ship the system to Origin and request they replace the motherboard with an equivalent product.
  • Ship the system to Origin with a motherboard provided.
  • Ship the system to Origin and request that they source a particular motherboard, or a motherboard with a particular set of features.

In addition to installing and configuring the new hardware, Origin will also reinstall the operating system and create a new factory default image for the hardware. Since the company actually ships a genuine Windows 7 disc this is less of an issue, but OEM install discs can still come in handy. Shipping a new image to the customer ensures that they won't effectively lose access to their original images thanks to a motherboard upgrade.

Anyone who has ever had to contact a company for warranty support knows that there's a vast difference between corporations that emphasize providing a good customer experience and those that focus on finding a reason to refuse coverage. Based on our discussions with the company and their answers as to whether or not products would be covered under certain specific conditions, we feel comfortable saying that Origin takes its customer service and satisfaction very seriously. Even when we presented them with tricky corner cases, the company erred on the side of providing a positive customer experience and emphasized its willingness to work with customers to hand-tailor both an initial order and any eventual upgrades.

The only downside to Origin's extensive warranty service is that the company explicitly does not agree to cover damage incurred as a result of nuclear war, zombie apocalypse, epidemics, alien occupation, or armed insurrection. In the event of a velociraptor attack, however, Origin will apparently insure the system.

Now that we've covered the company, let's take a look at their test system, starting with the case. 

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bob_on_the_cob 4 years ago

Looks like well built rigs. I have to say I don't know much about Origin.

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Sure hope they stress that they're "Origin PC" with the "Genesis PC"; otherwise they'll be confused with either an old Sega product or the makers of Ultima. You laugh, but searching on either "Origin" or "Genesis" came up with those way before this company; I wish them luck, but dang, they could have chosen some better names.

3vi1 4 years ago

I don't think people will get too confused. It's painted with flames because it's made by the Ori from Stargate, no?

"the company explicitly does not agree to cover damage incurred as a result of nuclear war, zombie apocalypse, epidemics, alien occupation, or armed insurrection." - LOL. I like that.

gibbersome 4 years ago

Their free labor guarantee really sets Origin apart. These systems will make great gifts to people you really like. For the ones you hate, get them an Acer. Smile

acarzt 4 years ago

lol... awww acer isn't bad lol They'll fix your stuff in the first year. Just don't expect your computer to come back with all your information still on your hdd lol

They'll wipe it unless you explicitly specify not to lol

gibbersome 4 years ago

Wow...remind me never to buy an Acer...

rapid1 4 years ago

I can't believe anyone on here would not have a backup of there drive.


ClemSnide 4 years ago

Actually, gib, that's SOP for any manufacturer. I'm surprised by acarzt's note "unless you explicitly specify not to;" most companies won't even give you that option. (Then again, I've often gotten newer tech as a replacement for older tech when returned under warranty, so as long as you make a backup, you're solid.)

gibbersome 4 years ago

Oh thanks. It's just nice to feel taken care of, you know. Not left in the cold, kneecaps smashed and drowning in your own vomit, like Acer will do to you.



"the company explicitly does not agree to cover damage incurred as a result of nuclear war, zombie apocalypse, epidemics, alien occupation, or armed insurrection."

Lol, well then I won't be taking any of their computers to Somalia, that's for sure.

abysm 4 years ago

Really love the paint job here. They look like a company that are really able to distinguish themselves in the high end. And the "The Big O' box looks to set them apart. Along with the sexy paint jobs as well.

sKrappy 4 years ago

Yes the "Big O" is crazy ridiculous gaming rig and a water cooled xbox 360 and like tops out at over 16,000.  http://www.originpc.com/thebigo-features.asp


rapid1 4 years ago

This is a very nice warranty, in many cases well over the top as far as warranty's go.

rapid1 4 years ago

The warranty is awesome as well as there attention to detail. I specificallly like there cpu socket work and attention to detail inside. The wiring behind the board does seem a bit cluttered but it completes what it is supposed to and makes wiring pretty much invisible. I also like the work on the front of the case especially with there water cooling. Everything seems to be spec'd beautifully and ran correctly with as minor visibility as well as wire clutter (which gets in your way if you ever open it up) as possible. Falcon NW and other high end companies need to be paying attention as well. I would imagine a system from one of these high end providers would be 3 times more expensive or close. However; there work (Falcon etc) does not validate there ludicrous pricing, and in many cases I have seen with correct component compatibility, and even inside wiring etc. I have seen work that was far, far worse than anything I have seen from these guys.

gibbersome 4 years ago

Thank you! I thought I was the only one who thought the Falcon NW pricing was ludicrous!

These Origin PCs offer a much better deal. I'll be telling all my family and friends about them.

rapid1 4 years ago

     Oh no way. I mean I appreciate Falcon as an innovator especially when they came out. However; I think they either lost touch with what they originally intended to do, and or they think that it is still 1990 something. Back then hardware especially top end stuff was very expensive. The problem is they still price that way in most of thier systems. There problem is there are quite a few other companies now The Origin one included which build excellent systems, from top end components, but they are way more realistic with there prices.

     I know as many one here as well as many hardware fanatics world wide I am sure that I could build a Falcon NW system for in general 1/3-1/2 what they charge. That is also being generous as I am sure I could probably drop one of there 15G systems for 5 with custom painting from a local guy of anything I wanted on it. The one thing is though women still go shop at super high end specialty stores and I am sure there were several mid to high 6 figure cars sold today as well (to stroke someones ego or self worth). So there is a percentage of people who enjoy getting ripped off and consider it a status symbol. With a car it may at least have truly singular ans specially made limited edition components, with Falcon NW they buy parts at the same price from the same place and of the same construction as Obsidian but like to triple or quadruple there expenditures at their customers peril.

gibbersome 4 years ago

Thanks for the backstory. I've been tracking their systems for a few years and they always seemed unrealistically pricey. But I agree that they have become a status symbol, I know 2 students in my class who own one, paid for by their trust fund. It is quite like seeing a Ferrari, grabs your attention.

I remember Alienware was up there with the elite system manufacturer's as well. My brother has a system from 2004 that's still running well. He's finally in the market looking to replace it. All that I've heard about Origin has been very positive thus far.


Anyway, here's more to chew on (http://www.originpc.com/the-origin.asp)

For a PC to be deemed ORIGIN certified it must have:

  • True Personalization  {The complete package has to 'look' as good as it performs}
  • Hand-Built by Certified ORIGIN Specialists {Just because anyone can build a PC, doesn't mean they should}
  • Lifetime phone and online service guarantee {Once you join ORIGIN, we will have you covered for life}
  • Lifetime labor for all your service and upgrade needs included with every ORIGIN system
  • Gaming Performance & Quality Testing {1 cycle of a benchmark does not mean it is ready, this is a gaming PC.  Every ORIGIN PC runs through at least 72 hours of testing}
  • Component Quality Assurance {Only the best quality/performing components}
  • Wired for Thermal Optimization {No, a bird's nest is not allowed in a gaming PC}
  • Inspected and Approved {Over 100 point quality checklist signed by your dedicated team of professionals}
  • Dedicated Support Team {Never deal with anonymous agents that don't know your name}
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