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Logitech H650e and H820e Enterprise Headsets Review

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Using your PC to attend audio and video conferences has gone from being a novelty to routine in recent years, and having a good headset has become as important to many users as having a quality mouse and keyboard. Audio quality must be excellent, of course, but for heavy users, comfort is also critical. Both the Logitech H650e and H820e are home runs for call quality and comfort.

The H650e makes an excellent travel headset, thanks to the tangle-resistant cord and its flat shape when collapsed. The zippered travel bag is a nice touch that makes the headset even easier to bring along for road trips.
As much as I like the 650e, I prefer the H820e for office use. I find that a headset cord often gets in the way of my hands when I type. I tuck it out of the way, but as soon as I move, I end up having to brush the cord away to get my hands back in place. Being able to move or even get up and walk around without dealing with the cord (or having to remove the headset) made office work much less of a hassle.

So where's the downside? The price. Both headsets have sizeable price tags. They earn those prices with good build quality and call quality, but the prices are going to put these headsets (particularly the $199.99 H850e) out of the budgets of some businesses.

One thing to note: I wasn’t able to get the call/hang up buttons on either headset to work with Skype, which isn’t unusual for headsets. The buttons on these headsets support Microsoft Lync. That’s not so much a quibble as a note to keep in mind when you use the headsets. Overall, both are high quality devices that will serve you in good stead.

  •  Crisp, clear audio during calls
  •  Steep price
  •  Comfortable, even during extended use
  •  Sturdy, reasonably stylish design

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Looks cool, but doesn't look that comfortable

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The mute button on the boom itself seems like such a simple idea but rarely done. Its extremely convenient.

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Would be nice to test one of these for comfortableness.

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Just bought the dual earphone H820e wireless model. It is very comfortable - I've been wearing it for hours. It's lighter than my other headphones, which adds to the comfort factor as well. Range in my office building is very good. I've moved all over the floor (several hundred people work on this floor, to give you an idea of size) and went in the bathroom, etc. No degradation with the audio connection. Music sounds fine, too. The Lync compatibility features are nice. Probably the only slight knock is that when I'm walking around I can hear a little bit of "jumping" in the audio. And it's not sound interference on the microphone - I've been walking around with that on mute. But this is only a minor annoyance. Overall it's a pretty good set with nice features, decent sound quality, fast recharge and long range connectivity.

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