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Intel Unveils Montevina, Centrino 2 Platform

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Montevina's wireless networking support also gets bolstered by combo WiFi / WiMax network adapters, although, as we noted earlier, not all of wireless network modules will have WiMax built in. 


The latest round of Intel-built wireless controllers also add support for 802.11 MIMO and vPro compatible offerings with Wake on LAN for WiFi connections.

A number of notebooks based on the Montevina platform have already been announced, or will be announced shortly.  Intel has actually claimed more than 240 design wins already in development.   

Fujitsu T5010, Systemax Medallion MV13

Toshiba Qosmio X305, ZT Systems N4001i-17

What you see pictured above are the Fujitsu T5010, the Systemax Medallion MV13, the ZT System N4001i-17, and the hot Toshiba Qosmio X305. We've already have requests in with a couple of vendors, and are planning to fully evaluate a myriad of Montevina-based notebooks in the not too distant future.

Montevina Component Pricing, Courtesy Intel Corp.

Intel's official announcement of the platform is due to hit the wire shortly.  We'll update you with more details and a full performance profile, as we begin to get Montevina based notebooks in house for evaluation.  In the meantime, as you can see, Intel has completely revamped their entire platform, soup to nuts as they say, with new processors up and down the lineup, a new chipset, and wireless connectivity technology as well.  Stay tuned for more on Montevina and how it stacks up to AMD's Puma platform in the months ahead. 

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yeah they have these on sale at bestbuy looks like an awesome deal to me according to the hardware onboard

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So HUGI basically overclocks the processor for certain tasks and then downclocks it. So it is a combination of auto-OC and Intel Speed Step? Would this be any different than manually overclocking (a desktop for example) and keeping Intel Speed Step enabled?


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It seems it would be because it's instant overclocking per application. So if your gaming you crank it up it runs the game better but also runs hotter with less battery efficiency (best to be plugged in for this). However when your using it for document editing it downcloaks it for better battery usage abd uptime without a plugin. I think it's very useful, though the OC is probably not anywhere near as extreme as you can get when you do it manually. I like it personally Plus it's available on the whitebooks I'm looking at right now as well as on the premade lappies.

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