HotHardware's 2010 Back To School Shopping Guide

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It's that time again. The time of year where students and parents frantically hit e-tailers with overnight shipping deals in order to get that all-important back-to-school technology into a dorm room or backpack before classes begins. It's back-to-school season, and whether you've started classes recently or are awaiting (dreading?) that first 8AM lecture, there may be a few bits of techno-shopping that need to be taken care of before you can be on you're on your way to that straight-A report card.

Whether you're about to begin the Fall semester of college or your senior year in high school (or something else entirely), you'll probably need the right hardware to get you through. In the pages to come, we're taking a look at today's latest and greatest when it comes to systems, hardware and peripherals that could prove useful for any dutiful student. Handling 21 hours of classes while still maintaining some sort of social life (which can mean posting daily on Twitter of Facebook) is hard work, and it's even harder if you're still relying on a Pentium III and a RAZR.

Here we will look at small form factor or all-in-one desktops (meant to fit nicely in dorm rooms and transport easily for those heading off to out-of-state schools), notebooks, netbooks, smartphones and a couple of novel accessories that may have less to do with studying and more to do with keeping you entertained once it's time to blow off steam after exams. We'll also toss out a few reputable e-tailers that we'd trust to deliver the goods. Ready to get your school year started off right? Let's go...

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fat78 4 years ago

Man first day of school and already sick of it, but that msi sweepstakes sure will make it nice. lol

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="fat78"] Man first day of school and already sick of it, [/quote]

Ha!  My wife's a teacher and she was sick of it the week before it began!

Lots of good technology in this review, though some of it is perfect for our kids, while being too expensive for us parents. I liked the NEO based mini-desktop.

Optix 4 years ago

While I don't envy those of you still in school (have to deal with what you do coupled with homework that grows every year) but you do inspire some pretty bitchin' sales.

If you're looking for a computer or laptop keep an eye on your local tech stores.  You'd be surprised the things that people return after only a day of use because they either didn't research before they buy or just want their money back.  The stores can't sell it for the original sticker price and have to sell it as open box.

My friend bagged an i5 rig from Staples for about $350 because someone brought it back after two days of using it saying the OS is pooched.  It's likely the person just didn't know how to use Windows 7.

You can get what you need on the cheap -if- you're patient enough and keep your eyes open.

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="Optix"]You can get what you need on the cheap -if- you're patient enough and keep your eyes open[/quote]

I agree, that's the way to roll. I've bought open boxes at NewEgg many times.

lonewolf 4 years ago

I was seriously looking at the Asus U45Jc as I have found the 14" makes a perfect size from portability yet easy on the eyes.

hitech 4 years ago

That is really very great article. In these time, it is easy to save on computers. 


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