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BFG Interview With John Malley On Phobos

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HH: Now that the Phobos has been available in various configurations for a few months, would BFG consider the product a success?

BFG: I’d say it’s quite successful so far. We were pretty nervous launching a non-do-it-yourself high end system at CES to a lot of really technical do-it-yourself hardware editors. But we were very relieved when the response was overwhelmingly positive. They understood that Phobos isn’t for everyone and that it appeals to gamers and media enthusiasts who want the best of the best and don’t want the hassle of building such a complicated system themselves with no warranty. They thought the refined case was really nice, and the touch panel was a great idea, so that reinforced to us that we may have found a place for ourselves in this market. We know that this type of high-end system is a niche market and won’t ever be a high-volume product, but that’s ok with us.

HH: Who is responsible for the design of the Phobos enclosure? Does BFG plan to sell the chassis and touch-screen separately?

BFG: We (the product and marketing teams at BFG) designed Phobos from the ground up and worked with an experienced case builder to manufacture the chassis for us. We don’t have plans to sell the chassis and touch screen separately, mostly because the system was designed as a whole unit and doesn’t really make sense outside its own ecosystem. The LCD would be essentially worthless without the custom tailored software and specific hardware it controls, as would the custom built chassis, which was specifically designed to fit up to four liquid cooled CPU / GPU radiators and the touch screen, among other components.

HH: Are smaller form factors planned or other machines targeted toward a different end user market or usage model?

BFG: We’re certainly keeping our options open toward expanding the product line if it makes sense to do so.

HH: Does BFG plan to offer AMD processor / motherboard / graphics offerings in future Phobos products? If not, does BFG's close relationship with NVIDIA have any bearing on the decision?

BFG: Good question! Our close relationship with NVIDIA certainly has a bearing on the decision. We have a long and successful relationship with our friends in green and don’t want that to change. Let’s just hope they keep wearing the performance crown for a long time!

We would like to thank John Malley for taking the time to speak with us here at HotHardware and wish him and the rest of the team at BFG Tech. the best of luck moving forward.

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I am very disappointed that they do not plan to offer that delicious case separately. They seem to be neglecting the fact than many, if not most high end users with money to burn on high-end gadgets like to build things themselves. I would like to convey to BFG that I would be more than willing to pay around $600 for that case, possibly more if it included the nice slot loading drives and hardware/software controllers for the screen. Also, I would likely do so immediately upon it becoming available.

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I agree, it would be cool if they should the case separately..  Like he suggests, "graduated gamers" aren't all about windows and lights.  I went with the NZXT Zero for it's simple, yet regal look (and the 7 or 8 fans it has).  This is a beautiful case, and the touchscreen is nice.  It would be cool to have control over all of your fans via a touchscreen panel on the front of the case.  The NZXT senty is the next best thing I've seen, but not as cool.  I don't think I'll ever buy a pre-built system, I enjoy the building process/satisfaction of saving money and building it myself.  Plus, $3k?  I built my system for $2k, and it probably has similar if not better specs.   

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Same here I'll never buy a pre-made system it's so much better to build one yourself, you know what's going in and you can make it cost w/e you want for your needs.

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You pay $600 bucks for that case alone?

Someones rich. :P

But honestly we don't even know what's inside and it's cooling capabilities are so we'll just have to wait.

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