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Asus G73SW Sandy Bridge Gaming Notebook Review

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With the dust having settled on Intel's staggered Sandy Bridge launch and the early chipset issues having been ironed out, we're finally starting to see PC makers come out with builds based on the Santa Clara chip maker's second generation Core architecture. And if there's a platform ideally suited to showcase what Sandy Bridge is capable of, it's Asus' G73 series of gaming notebooks. We can say this with confidence because we got a chance to see firsthand what the G73 series was all about when we evaluated Asus' introductory model, the G73Jh.

Now in its third generation, the G73SW represents an architectural upgrade to what was already a powerful mobile PC. The goal remains the same, which is to recreate the desktop experience in a portable form factor. Whether you need to hammer out a spreadsheet, encode a Blu-ray video, or frag some foes at a LAN party, the G73SW promises to help get the job done. By all means, this is a desktop replacement, but with the addition of Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture, there's potential here for battery life to be extended beyond what you would normally expect from a high octane notebook. The question is, can it deliver on all fronts?

Asus G73SW
Specifications & Features



17.3" (1920x1080)


Intel Core i7 2630QM (2.0GHz)




Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M w/ 1.5GB GDDR5


1TB (2x500GB Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drives)


Slimtype Blu-ray Reader

Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium x64


Intel 802.11 A/G/N


2.0 Megapixel

Wired Internet

10/100/1000 Ethernet


1xUSB 3.0, 3xUSB 2.0, 5-in-1 Media Card Reader, HDMI


8.49 lbs with battery


41.5 x 32.0 x 1.89 cm (WxDxH)


2 Year




We classify the G73SW as a desktop replacement, but in all reality, the sum of its parts add up to more than what the average Joe is rocking inside his mid-tower. The G73SW sports four cores of Sandy Bridge computing muscle racing along at 2.0GHz, enough RAM (8GB) to handle content creation chores, a mobile graphics card built around Nvidia's mighty Fermi architecture, and a pair of Seagate hybrid hard drives equipped with solid state storage for a speed boost. What's more, depending on how deep your pockets run, there are plenty of upgrades available as well.

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Man you guys always seem to review the same things I am currently looking at and considering purchasing. A friend of mine has an Asus gaming laptop he uses for everything and all of his games run very smoothly on it. This looks like another very nice notebook and the price tag doesn't look too bad either.

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Asus makes great gaming laptops from what I have seen. While I personally don't own 1, I have know a few individuals who have and I have not seen any issues from them. While any computer can variably have issues and I know that, the Asus support program also seems to be very well rounded as well. Not to mention these G units have been around for about what 3 or 4 generations now with a decent track record from what I have seen. Then on top of that this is a Sandy Bridge unit so it is obviously top of the line on that specific, I just hope the motherboards are updated versions. It does seem somewhat odd seeing as Intel just got that issue rectified and put out motherboards that were repaired a week or so back now, and it would take more than a week to build and ship a model specific platform.

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Actually, Intel has been shipping out corrected Sandy Bridge boards to OEMs since about the middle of February, with revised systems being relaunched starting in early March. Retail boards, like the ones you get from Newegg, were last in line.

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The review is great and solid, not to mention this machine seem to perform above everything else it was tested against which is what I would expect from these really. The power meeter is lower, but this is a full desktop replacement as well, so having it off of the plug is not really feasible on it's peers either.

A couple of these things I really like is the 8Gb DDR3, and the two HD/SSD combo drives for a Tb of data as well as the performance profile of 2 of them together rather than a single drive. I also like the brushed rubber casing internally as most laptops, and especially those that are "Gaming" laptops are super shiny fingerprint magnets. The backpack's Asus has included with the G units are also nice, and as I mentioned in my other reply I have interacted with a few of these personally that were owned by friends/Colleagues I only remember seeing 1 of these backpacks, but they were nice and especially as an included part of the package.

These also have Blueray on board from what the spec sheet says which is also a great inclusion.

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I have only bought one gaming laptop before and I don't plan on getting one again any time soon. This one from ASUS though is pretty powerful with a decent price tag. I just plan on gaming from my PC and work-related tasks from my laptop. Some of those benchmarks just show that it makes more sense to just invest in a good stout PC until they get mobile gaming to be less expensive.

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Simply beautiful. I just saw an advertisement for a similar machine from tigerdirect I guess they are trying to get rid of the slightly older model before the Sandy Bridge was available.

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Nice! Looks like a solid system.

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i would totally get if they can just nitch up the processing speed alittle... maybe take it from 2.0 to 2.5? and have a kickin cooling system with an overclock ability

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But I'm sticking with my G73jh for now, there doesn't seem to be enough performance improvement to buy a new one. The thing I like about the G73 series is that they all use really nice screens, along with steadly increasing performance with no change in price.

I actually use mine for gaming more than my monster rig. Being able to sit in the living room with the gf while she watches tv ya know.

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most excellent review

this definitely look like one great desktop replacement but not so mobile gaming laptop if I ever saw one.

After seeing the video [which is certainly top-notch] it's all to easy to see that many folks are probably going to just love the appearance and certainly notice and appreciate the overall build quality on first well as a somewhat customizable screen and keyboard for different lighting conditions

So about the only 2 issues to evaluate are the relatively short battery life [as expected with this one]. and lack of ExpressCard Slot.

Still the specs are most impressive esp with the 8GB ram that 2.9 Turbo on SB cpu as well a Blue-Ray and as rapid mentioned a nice package with a backpack that's decent. still looking to me so far

as for overall mobility some have to decide that one for  themselves as too what those needs actually are

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