iPhone Home Button Earrings Mark You ... As A Major Fangirl

... or major fanboy, we suppose.  Problem is, this has to be something for the ultimate geek. And the thing is, we normally associate that term with a guy. This isn't exactly a nice small stud a guy can wear.

They are iPhone Home Button earrings. Besides the obvious question, which is who would wear these, there's also the other question, which is why did anything think these would sell?

Perhaps we am wrong. The site says that even at a pricey $14.95 (for plastic earrings) that:
Orders placed will ship on Nov 19th - Nov 20th due to very high demand.

High demand?  Well, if you really, really have to have all things iPhone, we suppose it's a must have.
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acarzt 5 years ago

They should have made it a gauged plug. I wear plugs, 2g. But I hate the iphone so I wouldn't have bought these. But male nerds are more likely to have plugs than a normal earring.

gibbersome 5 years ago

It now indicates, "Orders placed will ship on Nov 23rd-24th due to very high demand."

I think they may have like 10 in stock.

realneil 5 years ago


kid007 5 years ago

yawn 2x, this apple mania is killing me...!

gibbersome 5 years ago

You're telling me. I'm being forced to buy the gf an ITouch. And I hate Apple. *grumble*

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