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iPhone Heading To China?

iPhone Heading To China?

It appears that the Apple iPhone is so in such high demand around the world that even China Mobile may be trying to get in on the action.

It should be easy to make incredible sales numbers in China, especially with the rapidly growing middle-class in China.  Perhaps brisk iPhone sales might even encourage Apple to open up stores on the mainland where currently several local players are selling imported Apple products at a severe markup.

“China Mobile Ltd. is in talks with Apple Inc. about bringing the iPhone to China, but no agreement has been reached yet, the telecom's chief executive said Tuesday.

The companies still need to iron out their differences over revenue sharing, Wang Jianzhou told reporters on the sidelines of the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress in the Chinese territory of Macau.”

Perhaps the nicest part about the deal is that exclusivity won't be a major issue since the government owns all telecom assets.  It will matter little to most local consumers whether China Unicom or China Mobile ends up with the contract.
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I'm not an apple hater but for the LOVE OF GOD! create your own marketing. why companies are so succesful? they test their invention in foreign markets and create the buzz but in the other hand the stupid I-phone had the buzz already. Either way this would either be positive for Apple and Steve Jobs (more market share and more bragging rights = perfect translation) or it would be a catastopher and they will have to pull out. the reason I say this is my wife have an I-phone and the service freaking sucks. have changed 2x already and is still giving her issue. so if you wanna look a youtube and be mobil by a i-phone if you want to make calls get emails. blackberry pearl that is the best.

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