iPad 2 Owners Report Various Issues

The iPad 2 is essentially a thinner, lighter, faster version of Apple's first generation slate with a few new features sprinkled in for good measure (you can read our full review here), but some early adopters are getting more they bargained for. Complaints have begun to surface on a number of issues seemingly affecting  the iPad 2, some more annoying than others.

One of those is the issue of Facetime freezing. As one user complains in Apple's support forum, "When I opened up Facetime the first time, the camera was working fine, but now whenever I open it up, it just shows a still image from when I left. How can I fix it?"

We've since run into this problem ourselves, and the only 'fix' is to reboot the iPad 2. This doesn't seem to be an iPad 2-specific glitch, however, as some have noted the same problem on the iPhone 4, which would indicate it's a bug within iOS 4.3.

What is specific to the iPad 2, however, is the reported issue of backlight bleeding. We haven't noticed this ourselves, but some have complained of uneven patches of light seeping through around the edges, which is most noticeable when the screen is black.

There were also some reports of yellowish tint around the display, though this is most likely another case of the glue needing time to dry, just as we saw with the iPhone 4 at launch.

Have you noticed any issues with the iPad 2? Do the reported problems make you weary of investing in one?
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omegadraco 3 years ago

I do not own an iPad but these problems do make me weary of investing in one. Sounds like Apple has some work to do with fixing bugs with iOS 4.3 but the screen bleeding sounds like bad hardware probably caused by them having to switch manufacturers due to the disaster in Japan.

rapid1 3 years ago

I have not invested in a single piece of Apple equipment ever in my life. When I was young we had an Apple IIe my mother got for work, and we had a Commodore which were the two computers in our house. I have know a few people who used Apple gear as well as some professional designers and artist's who swear by them. The most notable being my little brother who is a musician as well as an assistant, youth, and musical minister at a pretty large church. I would say maybe 10 people period in my life total have I known that are like this, and or use Apple anything. That is not current that is throughout my now 40 years of life. One thing especially currently is much like the Facebook Myspace thing from what I see, Apple is trendy, but the same thing holds true I think trends come and go. When they decide to go you always know about it yesterday if you get my drift. There is also another component to much of this and his name is Steve Jobs who could exit the picture entirely for healthy reasons/issues tomorrow.

LLeCompte 3 years ago

this kinda of stuff is going to happen. What really gets under my skin is if bugs happen on an apple product, its ok because apple made it. Now if stuff like this happens on a android or any other tablet, everyone screams that its crap and android sucks and is laggy. Some fan boys take stuff to far. Hopefully these issues get fixed, but as for me i think i want either an android tab or the asus netbook/android tab coming out soon.

EHarler 3 years ago

And thus the ipad3 was born, with the same outstanding hardware plus improved iLight ® backlighting, for only $699 without 3g or wifi.

der meister 3 years ago

^Rofl! But such a true statement.

inspector 3 years ago

lol ya, create the problems knowing they still want the product, come out with one that should of been the one before and profit!

JOMA 3 years ago

Early adopters should be prepared for issues like this. If they think Apple is going to miss a release to fix issues they're clearly not too bright. All companies rush things to out the market to grab as much money as possible, they'll fix it later.

Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

I agree, they aren't in a rush to fix anything. They want to get the ipad2 into other countries first. With anything being produced in that quantity though you will have a few problems. My coworkers just got a white one, she hasn't had any problems but she just got it.

DCoggins 3 years ago

I Am going on my 3rd ipad2, the first I bought on launch day had backlight bleeding I brought it back for a full replacement and they gave me a "used" one with scratches, dead pixels, and even worse backlight bleeding than the first, so I returned right away only to have an employee snap & say "you can't keep bringing this back, u can't come in here all the time for this, were not gonna keep replacing it, u can't do this, ect" and that I had 1 more chance to exchange it and if I got another bad one too bad he said that's it no more exchanges, so I called apple care and they told me to just fully return the unit get my $ back and just buy a new one, so I did return it, & call the manager of the apple store & explained the situation & how I was treated, he said he would hold one from his next shipment for me and also pay for my parking at the lot. He was very nice and took care of the situation. Now if this one has any issues I'm waiting a few months to return it, because u have a year to exchange any apple products. By then the issue should be resolved, and that's what all of you should do..wait hopefully all goes well

rapid1 3 years ago

Why should I wait when I can get a functional slate from someone else Dcoggins? The Blackberry unit is active now, the Samsung units looks sweet as well, and I heard that Google will have Honeycomb debugged very shortly. I get the early adopter thing. I have in fact been one on several occasions, but that generally was when I was younger. With the rate technology moves today a month can make all the differences in the world. If I was you and I got another one with issues I would return it and just use your original iPad that I am sure you have, and start looking elsewhere. Some real beauties are dropping now and more in the very near future( including from what I hear the iPad3 in the fall with new components and upgraded screen, more outlets and native iOS5.

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