Google Maps Most Reliable Mapping App, Smokes Apple Maps with Far Fewer Errors

When it comes to Apple’s much-maligned Maps, anecdotes about the app’s mapping errors are easy to find. But data makes a more compelling argument, and that’s what CrowdFlower set out to get. The results of its research led CrowdFlower to peg Google Maps as the most accurate mapper out there, with Bing taking place and Apple’s Maps taking second place. That’s in the U.S. – take Apple Maps to the U.K., and things start to get hairy.

Crowdflower Mapping Results

Business location accuracy results for major mapping services. Image credit: CrowdFlower

CrowdFlower’s test involved determining the correct addresses of 1,000 U.S. businesses and 100 U.K. businesses before using Apple, Bing, and Google Maps to search for those those locations. The results paint a grim picture for Apple Maps, while making Google Maps look like the best option.

When CrowdFlower searched for a business with Google Maps, the service came up with the right business and address 88% of the time in the U.S. and U.K. Apple Maps, however, was accurate in that test only 71% of the time in the U.S. and a mere 33% in the U.K. So, Apple Maps has some ground to make up in the race for the best mapping service. Luckily, iOS users aren’t stuck with it anymore – Google Maps is now available for iOS.
Via:  CrowdFlower
dorkstar one year ago

I'd like to say that the listing errors for Apple Maps at lower than 5% in the US is a lie. I searched for places around my house the second day I had it, and everything was anywhere from 300 ft to a mile away from where the location actually was. I used it to go to the local police station to get a certificate of occupancy for our new office, and it took me to an office about 1000 feet away. Fortunately I happened to glance over and see the fire station sign and found the police station next door.

sevags one year ago

Since the day iOS 6 was launched I have not been given 1 wrong direction through Apple Maps here in Southern California. That's not to say it doesn't have it's flaws but giving wrong directions in this location is not one of them. In the 4 years I used google maps (iOS 5 and prior) I have only been given 3 wrong directions, 2 were for businesses that were no longer open but still listed on google maps, but the 3rd was bad I was driving to meet friends at a hotel in Palm Springs but Gmaps sent me to a nearly open desert area 35 miles from my actual destination overall great track record for so many years of use.

Now neither apple maps or google maps app are perfect ;( and I have been using both at the same time, yeah you all read correctly LOL. I run Apple maps get directions to an address and Start the trip, then exit the app while still running and run Google maps and route to the same address.... This provides me with the accuracy of Gmaps along with the ability to jump to the next Move (the absolutely most important feature for me in any map software) while still having the benefit of apple maps giving me directions while not in the app and from the lock screen.

It's sad but it's the only way to use the features I want ;(

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