YouTube Acquires Popular Streaming Site Twitch For A Billion Dollars

Twitch is a popular platform for watching and sharing video game footage, seeing top-notch players broadcasting their thing, enjoying special events, and more--and now it’s the property of Google, via YouTube. According to Variety, YouTube acquired Twitch for a cool billion dollars. The deal is reportedly an all-cash offer and will be announced shortly.

twitch xbox one

Twitch says that it has over 45 million visitors per month. It was just in February that Microsoft announced that it would finally add Twitch livestreaming to the Xbox One, which we pontificated would bring about new features.

We were partially right, insofar as things are shifting, but seeing Twitch go to YouTube is a surprise. The question now is whether the YouTube crew sees Twitch as an easy moneymaker that could benefit from YouTube’s technology and back end or if we’ll see changes to the gaming streamer.
Via:  Variety
RShamik 7 months ago

Well this could go horribly wrong... or right

TyHoffman 7 months ago

its true!

ThomasBlake 7 months ago

I bet partnership requirements will change

GeorgeSafford 7 months ago

RobertBoone 7 months ago

I usually don't mind when Google/YouTube buys something. But this might not be a good thing for Twitch. In time we will see.

LoganWilliams 7 months ago


JoeBoyle 7 months ago

But in the end, a monopoly of any service results in the user getting a shitter deal

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