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You Could Receive Up to $100 from SPAM Settlement (But Probably Won't)

You Could Receive Up to $100 from SPAM Settlement (But Probably Won't)

A settlement has been reached in the "Kramer v B2Mobile, LLC and LeadClick Media, Inc." case in which cell phone owners may be eligible to receive up to $100 in compensation for receiving text spam. It could be the easiest C-note you ever 'earned,' only don't get your hopes up, there's a good chance you'll receive nothing at all. On the bright side, the guilty party will still be punished, so there's your consolation prize. Let us explain.

Details of the proposed settlement are up on (bring a PDF reader). Under terms of the settlement, B2Mobile and LeadClick Media legally deny any wrongdoing, but have agreed to pay a combined $12.2 million to make the case go away. Of that money, $10 million will go towards a LeadClick Settlement Fund an the remaining $2.2 million to a B2Mobile Settlement Fund, according to PCMag's breakdown of the legalese.

If you received a spam text from one of the websites covered in the settlement between January 1, 2008 to July 29, 2011, you can choose to sign up with one of the Settlement Funds. Lawyers will get their cut of course -- in this case, 25 percent -- and $10,000 goes to the class representative. The rest of the money goes towards you and anyone else who qualifies, up to $100.

Assuming enough people sign up -- and they surely will -- your cut will be less, potentially much less. If it dips all the way down to below $5 per person, then the money will instead be donated to a charity of the user's choosing from a list of approved charities. Since up to 47 million people might be eligible for the settlement, that's the most likely outcome.

More details here, now go call your mother and create some good karma.
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I always fill these things out. The thing is I actually see this crap as a total ripoff because years ago I was a plaintiff in a class action against a company I had invested a substantial sum in, but guess who got all the money, the attorney's for the IRS. I lost $40,000 in raw cash which if the investment had worked out (it was an IPO, and no it was not a technology one from the internet boom) it would have had roughly a 12-18% positive return. The owner of the company started skimming money through his step son whom he made the CFO.

Either way ever since then I have always filled the things out because as I said everyone except the proper recipient's received money on that class action. I received three x1650 ATI Radeon's in the mail out of the blue and a few other things although never a check. With the ATI thing I had actually bought 3 X1600's and they all went bad over varied period's of time. The thing is the lawsuit was completed way after the fact or at least the payment's were. So I filled it out and 2.5 years later I went to the mail and bam 3 GPU's in my mailbox. One of them is in my mothers desktop and it is still running strong, 1 is still in the magnetic wrap in a box in my basement, and one I gave to a customer (he did not have the money for a gpu when we bought his computer and it was just wasting space, so I actually did get paid for it in a rudimentary way).

I also got a PSU and a few other things in the mail as well that were or are unrelated to computers! SO fill out the paperwork and maybe one day in the future when you go to the mailbox you get a surprise :)

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