Yahoo Cutting 1000 Jobs

In their biggest reduction in employee base since the dot com bust, Yahoo is planning to cut 1000 jobs in an effort to streamline their operations.

“The Sunnyvale-based company announced the upcoming 7 percent reduction in its 14,300-employee work force during a Tuesday conference call to review a 23 percent decline in its fourth-quarter profit.”

There's no word on exactly which area(s) of the company might be losing employees, but we'll keep you posted as we receive more information.
Via:  Google/AP
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M0R0NI 6 years ago

It seems like you would never want a job in the computer industry as they are never stable.

kid007 6 years ago
they are stable until the point that their CEO is start doing things he is not supposed to be doing. Lets face it Yahoo was one what Google is today. they didn't know what to do with all the money and popularity Google came and has stayed because of their innovation and because they work pretty close with most of the businesses that are giving them revenues instead of ignoring them...
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