Xbox One Ties PlayStation 4 in iFixIt's Teardown Analysis, Both Easy to Repair

This is a big month for console gamers. Sony last week launched its PlayStation 4 to retail, and tonight at the stroke of midnight, stores like Best Buy will begin selling Microsoft's Xbox One. That means the next-generation console wars will be in full swing, and while gamers debate exclusive titles and which has the superior mix of hardware, one question we can answer is which one is easier to repair.

According to iFixIt's teardown analysis of the Xbox One, both it and the PlayStation 4 are equally easy to service at home. The PS4 received the teardown treatment a week ago and earned an 8/10 "Repairability Score" for being so easy to open and navigate, especially since there wasn't an ounce of adhesive to be found.

Xbox One iFixIt
Image Source: iFixIt

Likewise, the Xbox One proved just as easy to open up and navigate, and it too doesn't use adhesive. Only a few tools are required to take the whole console apart, and the opening procedure is similar to (though much easier than) that of any Xbox 360. If you have experience taking apart an Xbox 360, the Xbox One shouldn't give you any trouble.

iFixIt also lauded the Xbox One's "clean, no-nonsense modular design." This makes it easy to access and/or replace the drives, fan, heat sink, wireless board, and daughterboard.

Xbox One Teardown
Image Source: iFixIt

As is usually the case, it wasn't smooth sailing throughout. The Xbox One uses annoying clips instead of screws that make opening the chassis more difficult than it needs to be, and the hard drive isn't real easy to access. Otherwise, however, Microsoft deserves kudos for designing a machine that's mostly easy to work on, should the need arise.
Via:  iFixIt
Joel H one year ago

I wish the hard drive was repairable. USB 3.0 support, when it's available, will help with this, but man, you shouldn't have to void the warranty to replace a spinning disc.

(I also wish the PS4 allowed for game installs to USB 3.0 drives, before anyone accuses me of being a fanboy. I consider them equal failures).

GemmaTodd one year ago

They really need to not penalise the customer and not void the warranty by opening, as MANY will want/need to change the HDD.

Imagine if we could change to a SSD! the speed improvement on something without windows would be stunning :P

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