World's Top Super Computer Mimics Mouse Brain

Man certainly has done some amazing things pushing the boundaries of technology but what really gets our groove on here at HH is marveling at the might and muscle of human achievement in computing technologies.  Take for example, the 7th fastest super computer structure in the world, Tera-10, that is commissioned for service by France's Atomic Energy Commission.  Built on 544 Bull NovaScale servers, each featuring eight dual-core Intel Itanium processors and offering 42.9 Teraflops in performance, they better be putting it to use solving energy problems because running the thing definitely has light-dimming ramifications. 

On the other hand, get a load of this.  Little ol' Tera-10 doesn't hold a candle to what big, bad Blue Gene/L can do with its 65,536 IBM Cell processors cranking out 360 Teraflops of Super-Crunch.  Check it out...

 Blue Gene/L - Lawrence Livermore Labs
No gerbils, just half a rat brain...

"Recently, Blue Gene/L was in the news when scientists ran a cortical simulator as complex as half of a mouse brain which is thought to have about eight million neurons with each one having up to 8,000 connections with other nerve fibers. When not mimicking half of a rodent’s brain, Blue Gene/L is being used mainly to simulate biochemical processes involving proteins..."

Yeah baby, now that's progress.  Just think, with a couple of die shrinks on the Cell architecture and a few more compute nodes thrown in, someday we'll be able to mimic an entire rat brain.  And you know, rat brain simulation is big business man, big biz.

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Kamrooz 6 years ago

lol...the last sentences gave me a chuckle =P. I'd easily take on cell processor system in the form of ps3 ^_^....they are folding monsters. =D. 

johannabartley 6 years ago
That's the largest computer ever and I'm not speaking about size. So all this technology and they can only simulate HALF of a mouse's brain?
If you can't beat it, offshore it!
nECrO1967 6 years ago

Half a rat brain? So when will they be able simulate a whole lawyer.... err, I mean rat? :) Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Seriously though, if you consider how far super computers have come in 20 short years, you wonder how much can be solved and understood in another 20 years.

Also, this gives you a perspective on how complex the protein folding project really is. All the teraflops in the scientific community and they still need millions of PC's, Xboxs and PS3s to help. (btw, I have folding@home up and running. Doing my own little part. Team 32407 FTW!)

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