Windows Vista Users Jump To 7 While XP Users Lag

Windows 7 is picking up market share quickly (in IT terms). However, much of that is at the expense of Windows Vista, as XP users are seemingly staying put, according to a (very) recent InfoWorld survey.

As tracked by InfoWorld's Windows Pulse service, Windows 7 already has more than 4 percent of the market, and that's after less than a month of general availability after its Oct. 22nd release.

However, according to the survey, Windows XP's share hasn't changed during this period. It's still holding at 64 percent. Meanwhile, Vista, after three years, has only 30% of the market, while among new users registering for the InfoWorld Windows Pulse service, 7 is already up to 10 percent.

While obviously still too early to tell, InfoWorld also sees a direct correlation between the 7 uptake and a Vista downturn. Seemingly, for every percentage point 7 rises, Vista drops 1 percent.

Obviously, it's still very early. Excitement has led, as NPD noted, to a 234 percent increase in Windows 7 retail box sales when compared to Vista's opening days.

The question is, how much of this is based on pent up demand for something better than Windows 7, or the promotional pricing that Microsoft used for early pre-orders?  It would not be surprising to see Windows 7 sales drop off as the early adopters fade.

Additionally, XP users can't do an in-place upgrade to Windows 7.  Rather, they have to do a clean install.  While many recommend a clean install anyway, plenty of end users would eschew this because of the effort involved in re-installing applications.

Additionally, IT departments will take some time before they upgrade any XP machines to 7 (if they do).  Many skipped Vista.

Finally, there are plenty of underpowered XP machines out there, which would not run Windows 7 effectively.  The easiest way to get Windows 7 if you have an XP PC is to get a new box, and many will probably simply opt for this.
Via:  PC World
gibbersome 5 years ago

Lol, simple explanation: Vista sucks, while XP still works fine for most.

der meister 5 years ago

More like people are lazy and dont like change... Vista was quite fine, most of its problems were for the most part user error...

gibbersome 5 years ago

Well Vista took up a lot more resources than XP...and more than Windows 7.

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

I'm going to have to say that people with XP just don't like change and the people that like the newest stuff well a few years later still like the newest stuff. I really don't think it's a vista is so bad thing.

I mean I jumped on the 7 beta the day it came out. Reading that it sounds like I really wanted out of Vista, but I also jumped at the Vista beta as well the day it came out. Some people are just like that. Others will stick to what they know for ever. 

3vi1 5 years ago

True.  I always jump on the latest Linux alphas and try out beta video drivers, sacrificing my completely stable release build just to see what's over the bleeding edge.  A lot of us just want the latest and greatest stuff.

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