Windows 9 Screenie Leaks Online, Shows Retooled Start Menu And Metro Apps On Desktop

In dribbles and drips, we’re (allegedly) learning more about the next Microsoft OS, Windows 9Threshold”. The latest bit to leak out is a screenshot that purports to show the new desktop environment, including a remade Start screen.

Windows 9 Start

The screen grab comes from My Digital Life forum user DUF_, and you can see that the Start menu is back in force in Windows 9. In addition to having something resembling the traditional look of the Start menu, Microsoft has also added Metro apps to it, which is a reasonable way of unifying the two environments in a much more sensible way than in Windows 8.1.

Windows 9 Start

Assuming this is a real shot and not an elaborate fake, it’s yet an early version of Windows 9, so don’t assume that this is what the final version will look like. Still, it’s pleasing to see Microsoft pushing to change the things about its OS that users haven’t been particularly fond of.
PKonietzka 5 months ago

[...]forum user DUF_, and [...] \<-- there is a ":" missing in the URL.

marco c 5 months ago

Thanks for the head's up. Fixed.

MahmoudElfar 5 months ago

it's 8.1 pro !!

ThomasTaege 5 months ago

Good call by Microsoft making it the best of both worlds. Incorporating things from the past but not forgetting to move on to the future as well. Looking forward to playing around with it.

AStroup 5 months ago

There is going to be a way to kill these colors right? too many damn colors, just make it black

Yep then explain this, all my games run Laggy in windows 8 or 8.1 - but they all run fine in Windows 7, I hate this windows 8 and 8.1 look and certainly not impressed with Windows 9 so sod it, good bye Microsoft and looking forward to all the Games from EA and the Game producers now starting to test coding for Linux - so good bye Microsoft your about to lose one very large Market.

marco c 5 months ago

If "all of your games run laggy" in Windows 8/8.1, there was something wrong with your setup. I switched our graphics test bed over many months ago, and have tested multiple driver revisions and virtually every graphics modern graphics cards, and there were no Windows 8 specific performance issues to speak of.

Ricofrost 5 months ago

You have something really stuffed up if your games run lagging in windows 8, I saw improvements in all games with Windows 8. Biggest improvement was Battlefield.

Ricofrost 5 months ago

MichaelDavidAnthonyFincham it has to be your setup.

ThomasTaege has it spot on.

ValJr 5 months ago

I think this new start button resemble the software Start Menu Reviver which have a good interface and replace the start burron.

RayanSiddiqui 5 months ago

looks awesome i was fine with windows 8 but people are ass holes and stupid

StaticFX 5 months ago

chance it could be fake.. a few other "leaks" have turn out to be fake recently



Ricofrost 5 months ago

Sorry about the double post :P

RJeffries 5 months ago

So I guess this isn't coming to Windows 8 like previously mentioned...

JackReeves 5 months ago

As an early adopter, I really do appreciate the return of the start menu

BillFox 5 months ago

I love my Windows 8.1 (and WP 8.1 dev), but I think that it it very smart of MS to change the start menus for all of the winy B!*ches that keep crying about how Windows 8 sucks. However, I have always said that Windows 8, and he metro screen is not an enterprise product, and MS was stupid for not giving a real start menu option for 8 Pro.

XHCH 5 months ago

guess i'm not gonna replace my windows 7 for a decade

GhazanfarKhan 5 months ago

nfs3freak 5 months ago

I am so unsure why Microsoft keeps doing this. Well, I guess we do know pump out a new OS often since that'll mean them "revolutionizing"....something. I'm pretty sure it's not though. The changes just seem to be going backwards. They make a new move and then people complain and they'll add it into the next iteration. It's awful.

thunderdan602 5 months ago

I'm liking 8.1 Pro. My PC boots to the desktop in seconds. I won't lie though, i would love to see the traditional start button return.

AllenJun 5 months ago

LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the look of 8, with everything being flat, but the lack of a start button was really a killer. My cousin has it installed and even he isnt used to it. I believe in windows 9.

MADSKILLZ412 4 months ago

The reason I think it's fake is because of the the Windows 8 start button, but than again that could be because they haven't yet made a new logo since it's an early version. I hope it's real, because It looks like a combination of the good parts of both Windows 7 and 8.

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