Windows 8 App Remover Helps You Get Rid Of Unwanted Bloatware

You know how Microsoft has gradually started pre-loading Windows 8 with a glut of apps? Sure, it’s kind of convenient--emphasis on the “kind of”--and having certain apps such as Skype ready to roll as soon as you install the OS is indeed rather handy, but a lot of it just feels like bloatware. (Cough, Bing, cough.)

There’s an app for that (sorry, couldn’t resist) called Windows 8 App Remover. According to Betanews, it’s a portable program that’s designed for fresh installs of Windows 8, and it’s actually just a GUI front end for a tool called dism.EXE.

Windows 8 app Remover
Credit: Betanews

You pick your version of Windows within the tool, click List Apps, and when the list appears, you can just check the ones you want to nuke.

Version 0.55 is free and open source. You can also use the tool to remove those bloaty apps from a compressed Windows image file (.WIM), which ensures that whenever you install the OS, those apps won’t be there for you remove at all.
Via:  Betanews
MCaddick 7 months ago

If you haven't tried out the bing apps you really should. Other than running as Metro apps, they are pretty impressive.

ricofrost 7 months ago

Yeah I kinda like the bings apps also MCaddick.

DavidWebb1 7 months ago

If you got rid of the bloatware... wouldn't Windows 8 disappear?

sevags 7 months ago

If you already have win8 installed what do you do?

MCaddick; I have not used a single win8 app that I liked including bing, ie, weather, none of it. I actually really wish that the Metro menu was used to load standard desktop programs and not apps! Maybe then I would actually use the "start menu"

basroil 7 months ago

"If you already have win8 installed what do you do?"

How about right click and uninstall? It's been there since day 1, and with the newest update you can select as many apps as you want to uninstall.

" I actually really wish that the Metro menu was used to load standard desktop programs and not apps!"

Clearly you've never used 8. The Start Screen can be used to pin just about anything, from WinNT and WinRT programs to files, links, and folders. It does EVERYTHING the start menu did, and more (you can't uninstall any programs from start menu)

RJeffries 7 months ago

You can launch desktop apps from Metro, I do it all the time.  If fact there shouldn't be any reason you can't replace all of the Metro shortcut with Desktop shortcuts.

realneil 7 months ago

Revo Uninstaller works for me.  (it's free too)

Usually Windows uninstaller leaves a lot of crap behind on your PC.

Revo monitors the windows based program removal and then analyses the registry and HDD for files and registry values that still remain. Then it gives you the option to remove them safely.


KimDHuus 7 months ago

?????? What is Windows 8?

basroil 7 months ago

1) Not all of those names are correct. The video and music are Xbox branded, not Zune.

2) Installing apps and uninstalling them takes less time than rewriting the image file

3) You would be an idiot to get rid of the PDF viewer, it makes adobe and other pdf viewers look like crap. It's the single fastest viewer i've used, and almost as accurate as adobe's one for rendering non-standard items.

ErichBackhus 7 months ago

PC Decrapifier.

Fierce Guppy 7 months ago

I already have very few Windows apps. The vast majority of the tiles shown on the start screen were put there by desktop software installers.

TRoemhildt 7 months ago

Yeah, it's called Linux :P

WendellBeverly1 7 months ago

Anything that helps get rid of unwanted pre-installed software is a good thing.

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