Walmart Gets In On Used Game Purchases and Sales

Microsoft nearly flipped the used games market upside down when it first began revealing details about its Xbox One console prior to launch, though in the end, the Redmond outfit listened to its customers and reversed course. As a result, not only is the used games market still thriving, it's expanding and drawing interest from new players, such as Walmart.

Beginning March 26 (a week from today), you'll be able to bring your used games to Wally World and receive a credit that can be applied to anything sold at the store or Sam's Club. You can also use your credit for online purchases at either location.


As for the games you trade-in, they'll be refurbished and re-sold in like-new condition at a discount compared to the cost of a brand new, unopened title.

"Gaming continues to be an important business for us and we’re actively taking aim at the $2 billion pre-owned video game opportunity," said Duncan Mac Naughton, chief merchandising and marketing officer for Walmart U.S. "When we disrupt markets and compete, our customer wins. They’ll save money on video games and have the flexibility to spend it however they want."

You'll be able to swap your games for in-store credit at more than 3,100 Walmart stores across the nation. An associate will scan the UPC code, check for damage, and provide a trade-in value. The amount will vary by title, though Walmart says it will accept thousands of games for consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Via:  Walmart
JaySleven 8 months ago

I don't really know how I feel about this. I mean I guess it's good that it can be traded for store credit towards anything and not just video games related items.

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

I Think its a great idea for walmart for doing this but I just wonder does it depends on how old was the game when it 1st released or just the condition before they distribute the set amount for your e card.

paul_lilly 8 months ago

I'm sure it will be a combination of both. It's basically the same thing GameStop is doing, except you can use your in-store credit to buy diapers and milk instead of other games and electronics (or those too).

BigKihd 8 months ago

I might give it a try but being that Gamestop gives you pennies and dimes for a game then turns around and sells it for $20, I wonder if they will follow with that trend or offer reasonable rates

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

Diapers and Milk huh hmmm I think I know someone who needs em :D

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