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Walmart Expands Consumer Electronics Offerings

Walmart Expands Consumer Electronics Offerings

Walmart is expanding its home entertainment and technology offerings in an effort to keep Americans connected inside and outside the home. Sometime this month, the retailer is planning to carry more streaming Blu-ray players, new Internet-ready HDTVs, LED HDTVs, additional wireless products for home networking, and much more. The retailer will also rollout a dedicated area for pay-as-you-go, non-contract mobile broadband products with offerings from Verizon, Cricket, Virgin, and AT&T.

Walmart Adds New Hi-Tech Devices and More Ways to Save For the Always-Connected Life

Attractive New Rollbacks, Internet Connectable Products and New Services Rolling Out

BENTONVILLE, Ark., May 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- As customers continue to pursue money-saving ways to build a connected life through technology and home entertainment, Walmart today announces a bundle of new products, new Rollbacks and new experiences arriving in its Home Entertainment departments nationwide and online at Today's announcement introduces more ways to save and new technologies that keep Americans connected inside and outside the home.

"Starting this month, customers will discover more high quality internet-ready home entertainment products, new wireless technologies and new mobile devices in stores and online that offer simple, affordable solutions for creating a more connected life," said Gary Severson, senior vice president, Home Entertainment, Walmart U.S. "We also continue to design a well-defined shopping experience in Entertainment that enables customers to find what they need quickly, learn about new technology, compare prices among top brands, and every day find amazing value. Our commitment to the best price and surprising value is always a top priority."

New Products for the Connected Living Room

  • More Streaming Blu-ray Players than Ever Before: Rolling to Walmart stores next week will be a 50 percent increase in assortment of internet content streaming Blu-ray players from brands such as LG, Vizio, Samsung and Sony, hosting internet accessible content from Vudu, Netflix, Pandora and more.
  • New Internet-ready HDTVs and LED Technology: In addition to more Blu-ray players, Walmart is expanding its offering of internet connectable HDTVs, and will create a "New Technology" HDTV Center, rolling out to 1,200 stores, to showcase new ultra-thin backlit and edge-lit LED TVs, from popular brands like LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio.
  • Expanding Wireless at Home: Now a dedicated category at Walmart, wireless networking products continue will be expanded to help a fast growing market of customers find ways to simplify their wireless needs at home. New easy-to-use products like Valet and popular Belkin and Netgear offerings, with accessories, will help more customers affordably create multiple wireless connections in the home.

New Products to Connect "On the Go"

  • More Mobile Broadband: Walmart will rollout a dedicated area for pay-as-you-go, no contract "Mobile Broadband" products, introducing more savings for notebook and netbook users needing internet access from anywhere. New products from Verizon, Cricket and Virgin, and exclusive product from AT&T, arrive in Walmart stores starting this weekend.
  • More Ways to Save on Cellular – Introducing Common Cents:  Building off the success of StraightTalk, Walmart announces with Sprint the arrival of Common Cents – a new pay-as-you-go wireless solution that delivers an amazing value of 7-cent minutes that Round Down™ and 7-cent text messages – rolling out exclusively to 700 Walmart stores, starting May 15.
  • More Offerings on Smartphones:  Walmart continues to expand assortment and selection in post-paid cellular with dedicated wireless centers and associates to help customers compare, select and activate a plan in minutes. Expanding its Smartphone assortment by close to 60 percent from last May, Walmart Wireless continuous to concentrate on offering the best assortment from all major carriers and anticipated products, such as Sprint's HTC EVO 4G phone coming to Walmart in a few weeks.

New Enhancements to Home Entertainment

  • New and Blu Movies: Walmart continues to invest in the explosion of Blu-ray, now featuring dedicated Blu-ray offers and properties in special displays within a redesigned movie department, rolling out to all stores this summer and introducing more new movie values.
  • Expanding Home Theatre: Walmart's assortment of sound bar home theater systems from brands such as Vizio and Samsung, are now arriving to more than 2,000 stores.
  • Larger Screen Sizes: Nearly all Walmart stores will see an increase in 42-inch HDTV sizes and more than half will see increases in assortment of 55-inch HDTVs.

Examples of Rollbacks and Special Values:*

  • More than $100 saved, LG 47-inch LED HDTV (now $1,568)
  • More than $100 saved, Sony 52-inch 120HZ LED HDTV (now $2,058)
  • $80 savings, Sanyo 42-inch LCD HDTV (now $548)
  • $50 savings, Sony E-Reader (now $148)
  • $20 savings, Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player ($78)
  • 20% savings, Vizio High Definition Sound Bar ($98)
  • $20 savings on select video games: Assassins Creed 2 on Xbox360 and PS3 ($39.96) and WWE 2010 on Xbox 360 and PS3 ($39.96)
  • $20 eGift Card on video game pre-orders at, including Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo Reach, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and more
  • New photo packages that provide a 50% savings vs. individual prints in 1-hr photo

New Savings Experiences in Stores and Online:

Walmart has amplified its focus on Rollbacks this spring, lowering prices of favorite products and helping customers live better in this "new normal" with more places to learn about savings and electronics choices. These examples include:

  • Savings Center in HDTV:  Rolling out to more than 1,200 stores, customers will see a dedicated space for special buys and the newest Rollbacks on HDTVs.
  • BillShrink: Customers can see if they are paying too much or how they can pay less in cellular wireless based on their personal usage through this new online tool, now available at
  • Trade-In for Cash: Walmart's Electronics Trade-in Program allows customers to trade in qualified unwanted electronics and earn Walmart prepaid Visa cards that can be used at Walmart stores and online at More information is available at
  • Brand Pages. Because customers continue to do more and more product research online, will begin hosting brand pages so that companies such as LG, Dell and Nintendo can provide more customized detail and education about their products.
  • Walmart iPhone App: Launched last year, Walmart's App continues to keep mobile customers up to date on new savings and products in Electronics, with capabilities to search by use, characteristics and price.
  • New HP Photo Publishing Solutions: New HP self-serve instant-print kiosks now rolling out to all stores are designed with efficiency-driven features to reduce wait time and deliver higher quality "prints in minutes" at excellent value.

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It's hard to dislike the prices at Wal*Mart.

However, I think that in the interest of complete lucidity they should replace their greeters with Chinese immigrants which are paid 35cents/hr.

Oh my god, I'm seeing the future again.

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However, I think that in the interest of complete lucidity they should replace their greeters with Chinese immigrants which are paid 35cents/hr.

^LOL^ -  The term WALMART ELECTRONICS is an oxymoron! If you are seriously considering WalMart, go instead to Costco where they will extend the manufacturer's warranty to 2 years when you purchase a new TV, projector, or computer.

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I hate the electronic department at Walmart because it's just awful. There isn't any variety there for me. I hope this overhaul fixes those issues.

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The best prices as well as selection for electronics of any devices except those which are from set providers such as cellular will be online almost always without fail. There is also a much larger selection as well as exact model availability as well. The kicker is support is on you pretty much or who you choose to buy from or through. The kicker here on electronics is moat who know more than general knowledge on them buy in this way. The general consumer or 70% of the market probably and more most likely than that falls in the unknowledgable region in general.

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rapid one1, Say that 10 times in 10 seconds.

Wally-World has good prices for sure, but a lot of the stuff they carry can be found for less online. They have a decent return policy minus all of the hassle and mind games, and that's a plus.

I have several friends that work there and they have a huge level of BS to endure from their management. (this is a big change, mostly since Sam died)

They have tremendous buying power that allows them to sell for less, and they use this to thrash any existing small retail companies in the neighborhood until they go under.

They use the same buying power to all but eliminate the profits small, and large manufacturers enjoy by negotiating huge buys of product from them for peanuts on the dollar. They buy product in huge lots, for lots less, and they sell the same product for just a little less than their competition, and THEY make the profits. This reduced revenue removes the small guy's ability to react to market fluctuations and drives some of them under.

In these days of uncertain economy and financial stress, buyers are forced to put their principles aside and shop where they can get the best prices. Most never take the time to find the cheaper deals that are there online, if you look for them.

WalMart is the BORG and they will assimilate you,……..

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