Verizon Nabs 12 Percent Share of U.S. iPhone Market, Should AT&T Be Worried?

Verizon Nabs 12 Percent Share of U.S. iPhone Market, Should AT&T Be Worried?

AT&T may have downplayed the significance of losing its exclusivity grip of the iPhone, but you have to imagine the wireless carrier's sweating bullets now that Verizon has gotten off to such a fast start. According to statistics by Chitika, more than 12 percent of all iPhone web usage in the U.S. is going through Verizon's network.

"For Verizon to pick up that big of a share of iPhone users in about a month is impressive, and doesn't bode particularly well for AT&T (which, as we've reported before, is woefully lacking in Android users," Chitika noted.

Whether or not AT&T should be concerned depends on a couple of factors, including how accurate those numbers are. After revealing the stats, Chitika posted an update saying "there was a minor SNAFU" with its databases that caused its "tracker to jump around a bit." Moreover, the very next day, Chitika said Verizon's 12.7 percent share was "down 9.4 percent, which is quite interesting; it makes us wonder if Verizon and AT&T iPhone users have different usage patterns."

And it makes us wonder how much faith we should put into those figures, even though Chitika claims "the spike in Verizon traffic was quite real" as verified by "comb[ing] through the raw data logs multiple times."

Regardless, it's true that AT&T has some ground to make up in the Android space, and it will be interesting to see where these two companies are a year from now.
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