Verizon Bumps High-Speed Broadband Tiers On Fiber-Based FiOS Service

In a FiOS area? Good for you. If you aren't, well, you'll have something else to cry about. Verizon's heralded FiOS fiber network is loved by those that have it, but only a handful of states and neighborhoods have access. Today, Verizon has "responded to consumer demand for ultra-high-speed home broadband service," and it has announced that next month will be the month where speeds on FiOS Internet will double on several tiers. Moreover, two new tiers with even faster speeds will surface. The new FiOS Internet portfolio will feature download/upload speed tiers of 50/25 and 150/65 megabits per second (Mbps), as well as two new tiers of 75/35 and 300/65 Mbps.  The latter speed is double that of FiOS Internet's current top speed of 150/35 Mbps, the nation's fastest, mass scale residential Internet speed. In addition, Verizon will continue to offer its entry-level speed of 15/5 Mbps.

The new tiers will be offered in stand-alone and bundled packages, and for those that game, stream a lot of video or run a small business from home, they'll surely appreciate it. As for folks not in a FiOS zone? As we said, tears abound.
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RTietjens 2 years ago

Meanwhile, in Sweden, a grandmother has the world's fastest Internet to her home, at 40Gbps (yes, that's 40 GIGAbits - more than 6 times as fast as an expensive SATA hard drive).

Why does the USA lag behind? Obviously, it's not because of *DE*regulation; apparently it's because the FCC has not aggressively bullied the telcos to build out high-speed Internet for America.

marco c 2 years ago

I won't argue that the U.S. isn't woefully behind many other nations in terms of available broadband speeds, but i wonder is population density has something to do with it. The infrastructure necessary to provide those kinds of speeds to all of Manhattan, for example, would probably be insanely inexpensive.

Omegadraco 2 years ago

Sweden is a smaller amount of area to cover with all the equipment necessary to get those speeds. But I do agree with you that the U.S. network speeds are stupid slow compared to the rest of the world.

Definitely wish we had Verizon available where I live, can't even get U-Verse because the cable company lobbied the power company (who owns the poles) to fight AT&T.

inspector 2 years ago

Um... Now get fios in my area and stop taunting me with these deals... when there isn't even available in my area :( lol. Who sends a letter advertising fios to a home with out fios available. lol But when they do get it in, yea! xD

digitaldd 2 years ago

Still chugging along here @ 12mbps down and maybe 1mbps up. 

CDeeter 2 years ago

Man, remember when everyone drooled over having a T1? Now this comes along. Sigh.

digitaldd 2 years ago

[quote user="CDeeter"]

Man, remember when everyone drooled over having a T1? Now this comes along. Sigh.


Yeah but on a T1 you have way less latency than on Cable/DSL and some FIOS connections. And you have the same amount of data down/up, yeah its limited to 1.544 Mbps. but still..

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