Update! HH/Intel Core i For The Mainstream Guy/Gal Winner Announced!

Cue lights, Rock Star sound track, and drum-roll please...  Check, check, is this thing on?  Ladies and Gents, we have ourselves a winner for the HotHardware.com and Intel Core i7 For The Mainstream Guy/Gal Sweepstakes!  This new-found Core i Guy has been with us here at HotHardware since April this year and it's good to have him aboard.  You'll find he's often chatting it up in our news story threads and hanging out for a bit of banter in the HH Community Forum as well. 

Give it up for our Intel Core i For The Mainstream Guy/Gal Sweepstakes winner, REALNEIL!

Congratulations Neil, you are the proud owner of this <HOT> new Intel Core i7 860 Gaming System, courtesy of our friends at Intel and CyberPower PC.  Just drop us a note with your shipping address and phone number and we'll turn this bad boy around to you in the next day or so!


Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme 5000 - Intel Lynnfield System
-Intel® Core™ i7 870 @ 2.93 GHz LGA 1156 45nm 8MB L3 Cache
-Intel P55 Chipset Mainboard
        - 3x PCI-e 16x
        - 4x DIMM DDR3 Memory Slots
        - 2x PCI-e 1x
        - 2x PCI
        - 10 USB (8 x rear, 2 x front)
        - GB LAN
- 6x SATA, 2x IDE
- I/O: 2x PS2, 8x USB, 1x IEEE1394a, Optical S/PDIF Out Port, Coaxial S/PDIF          
  Out Port,2x RJ-45, Audio
-8GB (4x2GB) DDR3 1333 Memory(Corsair Value Select or Major Brand)
-1TB SATA-II 3.0 Gb/s 7200RPM HDD
-Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 PCI Express Video Card
-Blu-Ray Player Drive
-Flash Card Reader Drive
-Viewsonice VA2226W 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor
-Xtreme Gear USB Keyboard
-Xtreme Gear USB Mouse
-Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium 64-Bit
(With Windows 7 Upgrade Coupon)
-CoolerMaster Sniper Storm Gaming Case

Thanks to all of you for participating in the contest!!  We also have a couple of goodies for our buddies gibbersome and martin-nj as well, as a sort of consolation prize.  Again just drop us a note and we'll drop you a little somethin-somethin to thank you for your efforts.

Thanks again to our buds at Intel and CyberPower PC for making this sweepstakes give-away possible!  Congrats again RealNeil!
Via:  HotHardware
3vi1 5 years ago

Congrats RealNeil!  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

gibbersome 5 years ago

Lol, quick responce 3vi1! Have you been F5ing as well?

3vi1 5 years ago

lol... yeah, I was checking frequently. Oh well, better luck next year maybe. See you all tomorrow. :p

gibbersome 5 years ago

Wow, I know that guy! Congrats realneil!


Seriously, couldn't have gone to a nicer person.

rapid1 5 years ago

Congrats realneil

mentaldisorder 5 years ago


realneil 5 years ago

Holy Crap! If I wasn't already in a wheelchair I'd have to go sit down!

I don't know what to say, to do.

Thanks to Intel and to CyberPower PC, for supplying this awesome computer that I will cherish and enjoy for years.

Thanks to HotHardware for the contest and for making it so interesting for those of us who belong to this board.

Thanks also to those who posted repeatedly right along with me while competing for this prize. Everyone deserves such stellar competition.

I have to go now and tell the family. Thanks again to all. I'm so Happy,.......


eunoia 5 years ago

WTG realneil!  Thoroughly deserved!  Thanks HH and sponsors!

gibbersome 5 years ago

Indeed great competition and great foresight to run it the way you guys did.

realneil 5 years ago


My wife says when I told her about this,...."So that's where I lost you to these past weeks!"

Kyouya 5 years ago


imAcpufan 5 years ago


Crisis Causer 5 years ago

Congrats dude! HH respects those who contribute both quality and quantity - which you have admirably done both. Welcome to the winners' circle. Whenever you get it feel free to post benchmarks, and pics if you want too!

Now stick around, ya hear? :)

transam02 5 years ago


nelsoncp21 5 years ago

congarts Realneil. This contest has really sparked some new members all of which who I hope stick around as I am sure there will probably be more giveaways in the future just like HH has continued to do. Enjoy your rig and I have appreciated your contributions here along with everyone else. Hopefully I will get back up to my regular posting when all the crazyness is over this month. Now go get yourslef a decent camera so you can take some sweet looking pics!

realneil 5 years ago

Thanks for the congrats everybody. I appreciate it allot.

I have a Nikon so in time there will be pics. I have to clear a space for it now.

Gonna give my old one to someone who really needs a computer but can't afford it. It's not much but it's working well and I know they'll appreciate it. It's cool to be able to give mine away and know I won't miss it.

Maybe they'll leave the benchmarking software on the new one. Otherwise I don't have any that works more than one run.

I can't wait to see what games are really supposed to look like. LOL!

ClemSnide 5 years ago

Woohoo! Good on you, realneil, and enjoy the rig-- I'm way jealous, but hey, at least we know it's going to be put to good use. ...By which I mean gaming.

tanka12345 5 years ago

Congratulations! I hope you stick around at HH, and enjoy your new rig! Big Smile Yes

realneil 5 years ago

Yes, gaming,......

I'll be here, I'm not going anywhere.

Thanks for the congrats everyone, I still pinch myself every now and then.

I sent mail out to my friends and family with the news last night. and they're all happy for me.

I told them that they know about HotHardware now, so there is no reason they couldn't win too if they just participate. (I sound like an Ambassador or something)

This is still sinking in,..........Wow!

Der Meister 5 years ago


realneil 5 years ago

So I've been checking out the photos of this system and the MainBoard has a little Skull that lights up on the bottom right hand corner. That's a feature of Intel Boards, so I began looking around a little and found this board on Newegg.com. The two eyeball lights flash with disk activity and the Skull is lit constantly.

This truly is built with quality. I can't wait.

slugbug 5 years ago

A big congrats to RealNeil!

realneil 5 years ago


Lev_Astov 5 years ago

Congrats, Realneil! Enjoy that sweet PC!

Dave_HH 5 years ago

Here's another update, folks! Word is that Asus wants in on our next contest, so stay tuned and stick around! We'll have another one likely queued up very soon!

3vi1 5 years ago

Sweet! Asus products kick butt.

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Congrats Neil This is the exciting part for me. Awesome stuff. I hope everyone that didn't win sticks around because there will be another chance soon enough.

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

I'm totally gay for Asus.

Yeah, that didn't sound right.  But I love Asus everything (even though their monitors are only middle tier in my opinion).

Clem, gibber, 3vi1 and all the others I'm sure all of you were unofficial runner ups for this thing.  Keep being cool people and you might get some badass Asus gear.  Bob, SuperDave and I all know sticking around has great benefits.

gibbersome 5 years ago

>>>Clem, gibber, 3vi1 and all the others I'm sure all of you were unofficial runner ups for this thing. <<<

hehe, thanks. I think we gave realneil a run for his money. Smile

Had some very good discussion with some members such as 3vi1, soupstyle, eunoia, Kyouya, recoveringknowitall, strid3r to name a few.

And of course then there's slugbug. I think he's the only other one who has entered as many contest for one of these PCs as I have (at least under the same name). We both batting 0-6, but it's been a very fruitful and informative experience.

Super Dave 5 years ago

[quote user="gibbersome"] I think we gave realneil a run for his money. Smile[/quote]

For sure! I always like HotHardware's sweepstakes, but this one was especially good. I've really enjoyed the witty, insightful posts that were made during this contest, and I feel that I am a winner here, too! You guys are all awesome!Yes

realneil 5 years ago

Yes, you all had me running, and I was sure that someone else would win. That's why I referred to you guys as Stellar competition. You are.

I'll be here posting for the next round as well,.......only because I enjoy this back and forth.


realneil 5 years ago

Yow! I just got a message from UPS.

Tracking numbers!

Man-Oh-Man, I can't wait.

gibbersome 5 years ago

Thanks Dave! To hear something like that puts a smile on your face, it does! Big Smile

>>>>>Yow! I just got a message from UPS.

Tracking numbers!

Man-Oh-Man, I can't wait.<<<<<

Woooah, that's quick shipping! Very excited for you!

realneil 5 years ago

Gibbersome: don't you have something on the way as well?


gibbersome 5 years ago

Not that I know of...

This would be a sucky to find out my gf's pregnant, lol.

realneil 5 years ago

look at the first page of this thread. Half way down, They talk about a consolation prize for you if you drop them a line,.......................Knock-Knock!


It says:

Thanks to all of you for participating in the contest!!  We also have a couple of goodies for our buddies gibbersome and martin-nj as well, as a sort of consolation prize.  Again just drop us a note and we'll drop you a little somethin-somethin to thank you for your efforts.



gibbersome 5 years ago

Oh snap! I never looked that far down the page! Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you again HH! You guys are absolutely awesome.

realneil 5 years ago

You crack me up,..............are you gonna tell the other guy too?

gibbersome 5 years ago

I suppose I should. Chances are he missed it too.

Talk about a complete brain fart! Can't believe I missed it!

realneil 5 years ago

Now what is it that you won?

You get to wonder I'll bet.

It will be really nice though, I'm sure.

Congrats to you too!

martin_nj 5 years ago

hey! its me, the other guy!! I totally assumed HH would email/pm me saying I won! but i'm glad gibs sent me an email! thanks to everyone @ HH and I did send you an email (altho the link was broken) I wonder what the consolidation prize is???


*crosses fingers for X25-M*

realneil 5 years ago

I'm glad that you both know now that all was not for naught.

Your participation seems to have paid off as well. I would have said something sooner but I was busy bouncing off of the walls around here. I finally put on a motorcycle helmet and could think straight enough to realize that you two hadn't said anything wondering just what you had coming in the local UPS truck. I had a good laugh last night though and enjoyed being the one to tell Gibbersome the truth.

Please, both of you let us know what you get from the Santa's@HotHardware.com and congradulations to YOU too!

martin_nj 5 years ago

grats to you neil! post pics once you have it all setup! what kind of bike do you ride?

realneil 5 years ago

Ha-Ha! I was just kidding about the helmet. I lost one of my legs years ago and can't ride anymore.

I had dirt bikes for years, and a vintage Kawasaki 750 three cylinder screamer. (in it's day)

I HAVE been over 100MPH on a bike though and loved the feel of it.

I still own a Honda Fat Cat and can ride a little with it. but I go slow now with crappy balance and all.

realneil 5 years ago

So I just spent about 2 hours playing Crysis and UT3 on my old computer. Now I'll shut it down and move it out of the way to make room for tomorrow's delivery of my new system.

You'll hear back from me after it's all set up and running.

Thanks again Hot Hardware!


gibbersome 5 years ago

Awesome dude. That new desktop is going to keep you busy for a loong while. What other games are you planning to get in the near future? I mean...besides Modern Warfare 2 of course.

Haven't yet played Crysis, but am planning to at some point. I'm afraid my laptop would explode if I tried to run it, lol. That's the one lesson I've learned. It's smarter to get a cheaper, more portable laptop and a kickass desktop system, rather than try to merge the two into a desktop replacement.

realneil 5 years ago

I set up one of the Linux boxes to surf the web while I consolidate parts between the two old PC's

I wasn't gonna be online but I'm way too nosy not to hang around.

Crysis is a stunningly visual game and they say that with a really good video card it is even more so. I haven't played modern warfare yet. I have COD world at war, Quake Wars-Enemy Territory, The Orange Box. I don't know enough about most of the newer games to decide what to get. Even though I've won this monster machine, I'm still on a tight-ass budget.

I love first Person Shooters the most.

gibbersome 5 years ago

I've heard a lot about Crysis. It's amazing that a game released two years ago, can still command the best graphics in PC gaming and bring the top notch video cards to their knees. I can see why it's become such a staple of benchmarks.

Far Cry 2 is another game you might enjoy. In the upcoming releases, there's Borderland, Left 4 Dead 2 and if you're remotely interested in shooter RPGs, try Mass Effect. The sequel will be released next year.

But I understand about the budget, each game can run you $60 easily. Even used games will run you $20 and there's no guarantee they'll work.

I had an idea a few years ago with some buddies to start a game swap group. Kind of like bookswap.com. But with DRMs and installation limits (damn you Bioshock), it fizzled.

realneil 5 years ago

So I got the computer today. The pictures that were posted on this thread don't do it justice, this thing is HUGE! Stick out tongue

The motherboard's Install disk didn't make the trip though, it's cracked and unusable. I wonder if Intel will send me another one?

Everything else seems to have made the trip without problems. I'm rearranging my 'Computer Den' as quickly as I can so I can get it plugged in and try it out.

Did I mention that this computer is HUGE? Stick out tongue

Thanks again HotHardware. I keep shaking my head and smiling from ear to ear!

This site is the Bomb!



3vi1 5 years ago

Cool beans!

Sorry to hear about the install disk.  You can probably just download the drivers from their site though - in the event you need to re-install.

Have fun!

realneil 5 years ago

Spent an hour on Unreal Tournament III this morning, Turned everything up to max in settings and it was as smooth as Snake Snot on hot Butter! Visuals are perfect, didn't know what i was missing until now.

Loading Crysis now,.......


Yow! this is fast!

tanka12345 5 years ago

Congratz again Neil! It must be awesome to have a PC show up on the doorstep ready to boot up! :)

Even though I did not win my rig (well I did win quite a few components for it) it felt awesome to have my rig couriered to my door by the local PC shop after they built it and overclocked it for me!

How's that monitor doing? I used to have a 15" Acer before my current LG monitor and it was a huge, but enjoyable leap.

I'm also curious about what goes with your new rig. What peripherals do you use with your rig? A good quality set of speakers or a headset, a solid KB + Mouse and a smooth gaming surface can really up your game and your gaming experience as a whole!

Have fun! (And promise me you'll gear up for MW2.. that's if Infinity Ward decides to bring back dedicated servers Stick out tongue)


On another note, just incase you don't know IW has decided to abolish dedicated servers in MW2 for multiplayer. You can read more HERE.

If you guys have some spare time please support the official petitions to help show Infinity Ward that Dedicated Servers are a part of PC gaming's culture.

Infinity Ward's Official Forums (you Need a forum account): http://www.infinityward.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=121918

Or PetitionOnline (you just need your email address): http://www.petitiononline.com/dedis4mw/petition.html

I was 413th on the PetitionOnline Petition and they've increased more than tenfold to just under 4500 Signatures at the time of this post.

I've decided not to make a new thread on this topic as I assume HH's team of newshounds will have this news posted ASAP and we can all discuss it on the news thread Big Smile


realneil 5 years ago

It is awesome getting a brand new screaming fast system delivered to the front door. In a personal E-Mail, I told Dave and Marco that it must be wonderful to be able to give to people the way that they do,....Like modern day Santa Clause's. They really enjoy what they do for all of us too.

Getting this computer allowed me to do the same thing.

Someone in my family that has had a hard way to go for the last few years now has my old system.

I gave them an AMD Phenom 9950 quad core system with 4GB RAM and 2 WD160GB SATA HDD's, a Sony DVD burner, and a 21" Samsung SyncMaster 204t flat screen. I gave them a HP InkJet too.

It felt good to do. So good that I'm getting a Linux Box ready for somebody that has nothing at all. Once I collect all of the stuff I need then I'll do it again.

My monitor is just beautiful ViewSonic has been a favorite of mine for years. I remember when ViewSonic CRT's were the bomb. Everyone wanted one. This screen is the same. The system came with a Keyboard and mouse, and I have a set of JBL Creature-II 2.1 speakers for it. They sound great.

I'll look into getting MW2 to try out.

gibbersome 5 years ago

Oh definitely! There's even some schwag coming mine and Martin's way (and no, they don't mean low grade marijuana)! The guys at HH are awesome.

That's nice of you to donate your old system to someone needy and pay it forward. Giving is great, though receiving isn't bad either. :)

Super Dave 5 years ago

[quote user="realneil"]and a vintage Kawasaki 750 three cylinder screamer. [/quote]

Dude, I had one of those 2-stroke devils! It was a purple 1975 model, and it was the funnest bike I have ever owned! I wish I still had it because those things command an astronomical price these days. Take a look HERE!

realneil 5 years ago


That's the bad mo-fobie!

It hauled ass and sounded like it was going twice as fast as it was. The girls loved it,...heh-heh!

it is quite expensive now, isn't it? It was the most fun cycle I ever had. Two were faster but not as attention getting as it was.

Soupstyle 5 years ago

Congrats Realneil!

nelsoncp21 5 years ago

Yeah an ASUS giveaway. I'm putting my vote in for another gaming tourny!

amdcrankitup 5 years ago

Congradulations real neel what a win!!!!

realneil 5 years ago

Thank you amdcrankitup, is the system you're running now one that was a prize here on HotHardware?

Dual 4870's has to be a kick-ass way to game, and the AMD 720 X3's are getting good reviews everywhere I look.

I may want to talk about OC'ing this system once I play with it awhile,.......Heh-Heh!

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