Twitter Overtakes Facebook as Most Popular Social Network Amongst Teens

Teenagers change friends almost as often as some of us change our underwear. Any parent who has ever raised one or is currently trying to understand their teen knows this as well as anyone and have seen first hand how a best friend one moment can become a bitter enemy the next. These fickle beings also change their clothing style multiple times during their four-year high school career, but it doesn't stop there. Social networks are part of the roller coaster ride of popularity, too.

Piper Jaffray just completed its 26th semi-annual "Taking Stock with Teens" market research project and one of the things the firm found was that the "popularity of Facebook is waning" among this text-happy group, at least as it pertains to which social network has the strongest influence over their purchase decisions.

Teens Texting

Over half the teenagers surveyed said social media plays a role in what they purchase with Twitter being the biggest influence. It used to be Facebook that had the most influence with 42 percent citing Mark Zuckerberg's social playground as the most important source a year ago. However, that number dropped to 33 percent six months ago and is now down to 23 percent.

Interestingly, Instagram isn't far behind Twitter in popularity. It was easy to criticize Facebook for spending $1 billion acquiring the photo sharing app, but perhaps it was worth every penny if it means retaining its teenage auidence.
Via:  Piper Jaffray
RWilliams one year ago

I'd wager that the reason Twitter is so popular for teens is because their parents aren't on it. Almost every parent I know is on Facebook... hardly any of them are aware of what Twitter actually is, and those that do tend to use it more for catching up on news rather than interacting with other people.

If Facebook and Twitter were around when I was a teen, I'd probably go with the option that didn't have my parents on it, as well. Freedom, baybee.

Sevags one year ago

I agree with rwilliams. Also to my knowledge school districts aren't paying 3rd parties to scan studnentntwittr accounts like Facebook and employers aren't asking for twitter account passwords.

However twitter is just as useless as FB.

chrispy one year ago


And they are using SnapChat, Instagram, and Ravetree. Facebook is definitely for old people. 

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