Toshiba Enters Digital Camcorder Market

Toshiba Enters Digital Camcorder Market

Toshiba is entering the digital camcorder market with the introduction of three new models. The new CAMILEO line of camcorders contains three models that range in price from $179.99 to $399.99. All of the models can capture video at 1080p Full HD resolution and offer 3-inch LCD monitors. You can preorder models from the CAMILEO line now, or wait until they hit consumer electronics and retail stores on April 19th.


Action! Toshiba Rolls into the U.S. Digital Camcorder Market with the CAMILEO

New Product Line Meets Growing Consumer Trend for Full HD Camcorders

IRVINE, Calif.--Toshiba’s Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced its entry into the U.S. digital camcorder market with the introduction of its CAMILEO™ line. From the pocket-sized S20 to the compact touch-screen H30 and X100, the lightweight, Full HD resolution CAMILEO line is designed for the modern, mobile and digital lifestyle. Prices start at $179.99 MSRP1.

“The CAMILEO line is a very natural extension of our consumer electronics offerings in the U.S. and provides the quality consumers expect from the Toshiba brand”

According to IDC, the traditional camcorder market is shifting to HD, as nearly 45 percent of all units shipped in 2009 were HD models and is expected to hit 60 percent in 2010. The easy-to-use CAMILEO line supports 1080p Full HD resolution allowing consumers to capture and edit high-quality video, take still camera photos and view them directly on their computer or TV2.


“The CAMILEO line is a very natural extension of our consumer electronics offerings in the U.S. and provides the quality consumers expect from the Toshiba brand,” said Ron Smith, vice president of marketing, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Products Division. “The line is meeting a growing consumer demand for affordable HD camcorders that make sharing memories with friends and family easy and fun.”

Along with delivering 1080p Full HD resolution, key features of the CAMILEO line include a 3-inch LCD monitor, YouTube™ hotkey for instant uploading to the Internet, as well as the ability to take standard SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB, giving users up to 12 hours3 of video at the lowest setting. In addition, users can watch the videos on a big-screen HD TV and charge the camcorders with the included HDMI™ and USB 2.0 cables.

Product line specific features:
  • CAMILEO S20: At two-thirds of an inch thin and 3.5 ounces, the S20 fits easily into any pocket. It has 4x digital zoom4 and takes 5 megapixel digital still photos. ($179.99 MSRP)
  • CAMILEO H30: The compact and lightweight H30 is 8 ounces, has a 3-inch LCD touch-screen, 5x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom5, and takes 10 megapixel digital still photos. ($249.99 MSRP)
  • CAMILEO X100: The high-end X100 is 9.5 ounces, has a 3-inch LCD touch-screen, 10x optical and digital zoom, as well as takes 10 megapixel digital still photos. ($399.99 MSRP)
Pricing and Availability The CAMILEO line is now available for pre-order at starting at $179.99 MSRP and will be available for purchase at a variety of major consumer electronics and computer stores nationwide on April 19, 2010.

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I rarely see people buying these things. At least in the U.S. market. I guess a lot of people are satisfied with what their camera offers or their iPhone.

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I've been needing to get an HD Camera for a long time now. Specifically so I can build up my video portfolio for when I leave for California. What I've been looking at have been Canon VIXIA's, but as you can see they are very expensive:


I know that Toshiba can make some quality products, but the price for these cameras confuse me a little bit. Either they've hit a goldmine in how to make 1080p camcorders, or they have very little functionality beyond recording and taking pictures. 


For their X100 model, I don't see any attachment ports for Shotgun Mics, lens replacements, or light fixtures. It looks like it may have some lighting adjustment options, but other than at it seems like the amateur consumer product, that anyone can buy and make HD the right conditions...


I don't know, maybe I'm being a little too harsh on this camera, especially since I haven't seen any reviews, but i know enough about movie making to know what I need, and for some reason this doesn't seem like it. 


For anyone considering about buying one of these though, don't let my words dissuade you, these are still very nice cameras. But from a professional standpoint they are unsatisfactory. 

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If you are trying to make a movie. these are the ones that you buy 10 of them and rig them up as a bullet time rig.They are not good for Dialogue on a very windy day. Or in a closed room with many people. Its really good for HD Adult stuff, and cost effective as well.

They are really good for action shots and even some long shots. just make sure you have some really good conversion editing software.

The JVC's HM100E or Cannons XH-1A/XL2 have better features for all the add-ons, like a Hood masks or the ability to utilize an O'Connor plate. All of which will work with the mini Steadicam. It would look kinda sill to have this on top of one :P

I am waiting to see where these things go next year. I am sure we will see a doubling in quality and a halving in price. On a personal level I would like the Camileo S20 case, with the X100's features. I have found that design is very comfortable and easy to use when on vacation or on the go.

Although I would like to see the XH-1a's features in a X100 case! Then everyone can be Senior Speilbergo'. :P

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