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Thecus Introduces iSCSI i5500 and i4500R NAS Dev

Thecus Introduces iSCSI i5500 and i4500R NAS Dev

Thecus Unrivaled Performance and Security iSCSI Series for Modern Enterprises

08/05/2008- Aiming at enterprise and small & medium business environment, Thecus has been known to deliver stable storage device with unparallel performance and data security. Other than innovation in NAS technology, Thecus again rocks the storage world with the powerful iSCSI storage series, the i4500R and i5500, which deliver unbeatable value proposition for enterprises looking to store and secure valuable data.

Powered by Intel Xscale CPU and 512MB of DDR memory, both i4500R and i5500 are guaranteed to provide blazing data transfer speed, over 100MB/s for read and write under RAID 6. The i4500R and i5500 come with 4 and 5 hot-swappable SATA drive bays respectively that accommodate up to 4TB and 5TB of storage. A wide selection of RAID modes, including RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, and JBOD, offer unbeatable security. Both iSCSI series use dedicated hardware controller to configure the array, effectively shortening time required to build RAID than a software RAID array. When larger storage is required, users do not suffer from system downtime because both devices feature online RAID capacity expansion, which means that users can have bigger hard disks added to available slot and joining an existing RAID without having to power down the system.

Craving for incredible performance and dynamic storage volume management? With block level data transmission over regular Ethernet, Thecus iSCSI technology allows numerous host access to the units through the iSCSI protocol at unprecedented read and write performance under RAID data protection. Delivering unrivaled iSCSI performance, uninterrupted data capacity expansion, and air-tight security, Thecus iSCSI series is the complete package and has solutions to answer each and every requirement from enterprise application environment.

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These guys have come out of nowhere it seems and it looks like they are starting to nibble at EMC's bottom end. However they have competition as Netapp has been in that slot for awhile. I like what I am seeing though and I can't wait to see what else they have in store. Will they go for the mid-range or maybe even the highly profitable high end? It would be nice to see. Netapp has been at the bottom teir of performance for a long time with only one (failed) attempt to compete in the mid to high range. I would like to see what the prices are compared to EMC's Clariion AX series. And even more importand what is softwware and service pricing like? A good place to go for the throat as not having any real competition in those markets, EMC software licenses and service prices are at the top of the cost list. Food for thought.

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