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Technologizer Gives Away HP MediaSmart Server!

Technologizer Gives Away HP MediaSmart Server!

Just in case you haven't had enough contests to enter of late, we've got one more you should see. Technologizer is offering up one of HP's Windows Home Server-based MediaSmart Servers to one lucky individual. HotHardware has been a contributing author for this contest promotion with our publicist, so it's HH Tested and Approved, no worries.

If you're interested in bringing one of the most versatile, most flexible and most media-centric storage systems into your home, all you need to do is click over, submit your name along with your favorite photos, music and videos from anywhere on your current system and cross your fingers extra tight. Good luck!

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Since I have a MediaSmart I will not enter BUT!!! I would like to say that these guys are awesome! Very small, plenty of room for expansion WHS pre-installed....I wouldn't give mine away for all the tea in china

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