T-Mobile Introduces New Pooling Plans For Small Businesses

T-Mobile announced new pooling plans designed for small businesses. In all, there are 11 new shared plans. The new plans start at $59.99 per month for two lines. This plan includes 1000 Whenever minutes and does not require an activation fee. Additional lines cost $9.99 each per month. The various plans support different numbers of maximum lines. The shared pools can range from 1000 minutes to 50,000 minutes. Small businesses can also add data, messaging, talk, text, and other features to the plan.

T-Mobile Bolsters Options For Small Businesses with Flexible, Multi-Line Shared Pooling Plans

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Jun. 30, 2011 - Today, T-Mobile USA, Inc. expanded its business portfolio with new well-priced, pooling plans designed to support the unique needs of small business customers. With small businesses expected to increase their spending on wireless data services by 42 percent between 2010 and 20151, T-Mobile’s affordable shared plans for multiple lines allow customers to tailor their wireless needs as their business grow.

The 11 new shared plans are available nationwide to small business customers in T-Mobile retail stores, over the phone at 1-800-TMOBILE and through business sales account managers. Starting at just $59.99 per month for two lines using 1000 Whenever Minutes®, with no activation fee, the plans provide access to voice calling on America’s Largest 4G Network™.2 Additional lines are $9.99 each per month, with the maximum number of lines varying based on the plan selected.

“T-Mobile understands small business owners have unique wireless needs that require customized solutions to fit diverse budgets,” said Matt Millen, vice president of small and medium business sales at T-Mobile USA. “These new simple and flexible multi-line rate shared plans, combined with award-winning customer service and America’s Largest 4G Network, deliver a great value for small businesses.”

The new plans are ideal for small business customers that have wireless usage on multiple lines. The shared pools include options that range from 1000 minutes to 50,000 minutes. Small businesses also have the following options to add to their shared voice plans:

  • Small Business Data and Messaging Features
    • Small Business Smartphone/Feature Phone & BlackBerry (BIS) Unlimited Data and Messaging $24.99/month per line (BlackBerry® BIS/BES for $34.99/month per line)
    • Small Business Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing $10/month per line
    • Small Business Unlimited Messaging $10/month per line
  • International Talk and Text – An add-on feature for $20/month per line that allows calls to landlines in 50+ countries with no long distance charges3 and unlimited texting to mobile numbers in 190+ countries. International Discount Calling is bundled with this feature to provide discount calling rates outside of the 50+ countries. 
  • Premium Handset Protection® Bundle– Provides insurance and warranty coverage, as well as Mobile Security to help customers find a temporarily lost or misplaced phone.
  • Business Family Allowances™ – Allows customers to set limits for minutes, messages, and downloads to avoid unexpected overage charges.
T-Mobile’s new shared pooling plans are the next wave of the company’s offerings to small businesses. In March 2011, T-Mobile launched the T-Mobile Small Business Plan that allows small businesses to take advantage of unlimited voice, text and data for just $69.99 per month per line4. Additionally, customers who sign-up for a Small Business Plan with unlimited voice, text and data on a two-year contract receive a free BlackBerry® Curve™ 93005.

Customers can be assured of top-quality customer service and retail experience when working with T-Mobile. The company earned J.D. Power and Associates’ “Highest Ranked Wireless Customer Service Performance” two times in a row and “Overall Customer Satisfaction with Wireless Retail Sales” four times in a row6. T-Mobile continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering top service wherever customers need it.

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rapid1 3 years ago

This is interesting I am still just wondering when this At&t thing is going to come down. I also wonder how it will come down as well as what it will implicate for T-Mobiles customers. I know they will supposedly have to honor our current contract, and give us comparable phones, but what beyond that. Or will we just be given the option to break our contract and leave and or take a existing At&t contract layout.

I will say throughout my short time with T-Mobile the customer service is absolutely great. The pricing is also the best all around period. I use data but I of course manage it. So I don't need a huge block of data because I not only have the ability to tether but also to use my home desktop as an internet pipe. Either way I still hope that sooner or later we get an open pipeline like much of the rest of the world has.

If it ever happens competition (the real kind, not the farce we now have in America for cellular or broadband) as evidenced elsewhere will expand this market exponentially as well as at a good price.

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