Synology DiskStation DS1511+ NAS Holds Up To 15TB

When it comes to networked storage, "big enough" never really is. Synology is a well-know name in the higher-end NAS realm, and the company is pushing the boundaries of consumer/prosumer NAS drives with their latest unit, the DiskStation DS1511+. This unit is designed for home business users and small business owners who don't feel like forking out for a rack-mounted NAS setup, and with a ceiling of 15TB, most small offices should be able to be backed up with room to spare here.

Also, with link aggregation, the DS1511+ surpasses its predecessor by delivering 197MB/sec in a RAID5 configuration, with 165MB/sec on the right side. The 2 LAN structure with failover support coupled with hot-swappable drives makes this unit even more attractive, and there's a total of five hard drive bays. If you pop five 3TB drives in there, you'll get a grand total of 15TB in a single NAS box. This can also be scaled up to 45TB by connecting with two Synology DX510 expansion units. The default 1GB RAM can also be upgraded to 3GB to enhance work process performance.

Outside of the RAM, there's a 1.8GHz dual-core CPU and total watt consumption of just 68 watts. It's shipping now, but no pricing information is given. Something tells us a fully loaded 15TB version will be on the "really expensive" side, though.

Synology® Unveils High-Performance DiskStation DS1511+ with Greater Scalability and Full-Featured NAS Solution for SMB Users

Taipei, Taiwan—Dec 21, 2010—Synology® Inc. today unveiled DiskStation DS1511+, a high-performance NAS server that offers greater scalability, significant storage capacity and full-featured business NAS solutions for SMB users.

As information data increases exponentially by the minute, the performance of data transmission becomes a predominant requirement for setting up a centralized file server in a business environment. “With link aggregation, the DS1511+ surpasses its predecessor to deliver an astonishing 197 MB/sec in reading speed under RAID 5 configuration in a Windows® environment, and 165 MB/sec in writing,” said Chad Chiang, the product manager of Synology Inc. The 2 LAN structure with failover support coupled with hot-swappable drives thus ensure high data availability.

The DS1511+ provides space for five hard drives – with a single drive reaching a 3TB capacity – that can be scaled up to a total of 15 drives for a maximum of 45TB by connecting with two Synology DX510 expansion units. The default 1GB RAM can also be upgraded to 3GB to enhance work process performance. Running on a 1.8GHz dual-core processor, the DS1511+ only consumes 68 watts of power during operation, while the multiples scheduled on/off, wake on LAN/WAN and hard drive hibernation facilitate energy saving and low operating cost. The reliability of DS1511+ is solidified by Synology’s 3-year limited warranty.

Blessed by the Synology DiskStation Manager 3.0 (DSM 3.0) operation system, the DS1511+ can fit to a business environment easily. Windows ACL support allows for customized privilege setup on files and folders through existing Windows user interface. Moreover, user account can be managed more efficiently and productively by utilizing the Windows ADS integration to reduce burden of IT administration.

For anyone seeking an alternative of Storage-Area-Network (SAN), the affordable and cost-effective iSCSI support in DSM 3.0 allows SMB users to consolidate storage into data center storage arrays while providing hosts with the illusion of locally-attached disks. The DS1511+ also serves as a seamless storage solution for virtualization servers, such as VMware® vSphereTM, Microsoft Hyper-VTM, and Citrix® XenServerTM.

The Synology DS1511+ has many features that enhance the effectiveness of resource sharing. The comprehensive network protocol support assures seamless file sharing across Windows, Mac® and Linux platforms, while file access on the Internet is simplified by the encrypted FTP server and the web-based file browser. In terms of security protection, the presence of HTTPS, firewall, IP auto-block and AES 256-bit encryption engine provides users with a peace-of-mind during file sharing.


The Synology DS1511+ is now shipping globally. 
Via:  Synology
ice91785 3 years ago


wil2200 3 years ago

This is nice, but 3tb at 7200rpm...

acarzt 3 years ago

3tb at 7200rpm x5 in a RAID 5 = Very fast.\

I guarantee you that only reason this thing transfers "only" 197MB/s is because of network limitations not hard drive limitations.

If you ran your OS on a system with said disks you would see in the neighborhood of 500MB/s reads.

197MB/s over the network is FAST. That's 1,576 Mbps or 1.6Gbps. That's enough bandwidth to stream 1080p content (Blu Ray quality) to almost 40 different computers simultaneously. Assuming your router/switch can handle it.

I dunno about you, but I don't have 40 different computers that i'm streaming such high quality content to.

On top of that with 165MB/s write performance you can back up a total of 60GBs worth of data in 6 minutes from 2 seperate computers simultaneously. Or 5 systems with only a Vista/7 installed (about 12GB each). To back up that much data from one system that fast you would need a computer with read speeds greater than 165MB/s and link aggregation capabilities with at least two 1 gigabit connections. The theoretical limit of gigabit is 125MB/s, but in reality you'll hit closer to 95-110MB/s. Through in link aggregation and you'll see less per port due to more overhead.

realneil 3 years ago

so it's fast?

acarzt 3 years ago

what are you talking about? it's slow as dirt lol

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