Spunky Nokia Vows to Put Up a Fight for Smartphone Market

Given the current landscape, it would seem inevitable that it's only a matter of time before Nokia falls to the competition and concedes the No. 1 spot in the smartphone market. After all, there's a new iPhone on the horizon, HTC continues to bombard the market with wicked fast Android devices (and those built around other platforms), and Research in Motion (RIM) remains an active participant whose BlackBerry devices are still popular. So where does that leave Nokia?

Well, still at the top, and that's a place they intend to stay. Nokia actually managed to grow their smartphone market share ever so slightly in April to 41 percent, up from 40 percent at the end of 2009.

"Nokia's leadership has been questioned in recent months," Jo Harlow, senior vice president for smartphones, said at a trade event in Singapore. "However, it is often overlooked that we continue to have the largest share in mobile devices and the largest share in smartphones, which is the fastest growing segment."

If Nokia wants to retain their position as the market leader, they're going to need to come out with new devices, something they recently did with the N8 launch. Built around the Symbian platform, the N8 ranks as Nokia's current flagship smartphone sporting a sleek design and 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. But will the N8, and whatever else Nokia has up their sleeve, be enough to stave off the competition in what's fast becoming a crowded smartphone market? Good question, and one we likely won't be able to answer for another 6-12 months.
Via:  Yahoo News
rapid1 4 years ago

I personally have never really liked Nokia phones. I have had 1 in my long time ownership picture. The device was good don't get me wrong it was just kind of boring as well as lacking in performance and functionality, although it was very easy to use with good call quality.

I personally hope they get there R&D moving because as we all know more players equals more competition, more competition means more choices, more choices equals better prices for more functional devices etc etc. In the Smart phone segment this is very important right now. If (and I am sure it will happen sooner or later) Smart phones become the standard hopefully the pricing as well as proliferation of both smart phones as general devices, and the 4G market will grow larger and faster.

If those things happen the services Smart Phones offer will be cheaper and more accessible for everyone. For Nokia to not be looking so good is overall kind of disturbing being there previous positions. I know they still have a foot hold in the market, and a rather good one as well. However; they used to lead the market substantially!

Dave_HH 4 years ago

I just love seeing Scrappy Doo up there! Nice work, Paul!

AKwyn 4 years ago

I had one of those cheap. budget Nokia phones. Wasn't really wild about that one and I'm not really wild about the Nokia ones, when there are other smartphones that can do more and are easier to use, why use Nokia?

Judging by the pictures, the user interface really ain't appealing to me. In fact it seems convoluted and confusing. Also I feel that Nokia is trying too hard to make their phones appeal to everybody, I feel companies like HTC, Samsung, Motorola and some like those are really the better choice because even though they might use the same or different OS (depending on the manufacturer/carrier) but at least the ones that are easy to use, are easy to use.

I don't agree with the whole Nokia bringing the prices down thing, the market is fierce enough as it already is and I don't see Nokia bringing it down, all Nokia will be doing is providing another alternative for those who don't want a Blackberry or a iPhone or one of those Android-phones. The only way it can make a difference is if it hits hard.

Joel H 4 years ago

That's an awesome icon, even if Scrappy was a little punk. :P

digitaldd 4 years ago

Lemme at at em uncle Scooby, I'll splat'em...   :)


Seriously though I do like the E73 on Tmobile. I've always like the E7x formfactor.

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