Spore Creature Creator Hits The Shelves June 17

DailyGame reports that the Spore Creature Creator--precursor to the long-awaited Spore Creature-- will start shipping on June 17:

Gamers worldwide will have their first chance to create their own Spore space amoeba on June 17, when Electronic Arts will ship the complete retail version of the Spore Creature Creator. A free Spore Creature Creator demo will be available for download on the same day.

DailyGame goes on to report that the Spore Creature Creator will cost only $9.99 U.S. The free demo will be limited to 25-percent of the available creature-making parts. Gamers will be able to share their creature creations with other users. EA/Maxis' obvious motivation here is to start whetting the appetite of gamers who are chomping at the bit to get their hands on Will Wright's latest creation, which is due to be released to early September.

Via:  DailyGame
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ice_73 6 years ago
i still dont quite get why people would pay 9.99 for a creature creator when it will come with the game this summer. all you can do is make a creature.... for 10 dollars i can wait a few months to make a creature, and get the comfort of being able to play with the creature right after i make it.
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