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Sparrow Acquired By Google; Gmail For iOS To Get More Beautiful?

Sparrow Acquired By Google; Gmail For iOS To Get More Beautiful?

Casual e-mail users may not recognize the name "Sparrow," but avid users have probably heard it a time or two. Why? Well, the startup is largely credited with creating the most beautiful and intuitive e-mail app for the iOS platform, and now, the whole team is Property of Google. That's right -- a company that's making e-mail beautiful on iOS just got acquired by arch-rival Google. Boom.

Details on the deal are pretty sparse, with reports suggesting that the entire team was taken for around $25 million. Sparrow users will likely be bummed to hear that the members won't be working on updated versions of Sparrow; instead, they'll be striving to make Gmail more beautiful.

If you're unaware, Gmail for iOS is a pretty lackluster app. It's more like a web-wrapper of the HTML5 web app than anything. We certainly won't complain with a pinch of Sparrow to Gmail's iOS app, but you have to wonder if Apple itself isn't kicking the dirt for letting these guys get swooped up by Google first...
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Oh my! How awesome is this!

Galaxy S3 passing iphone sales and now this......looks like the start of the end of apple!!!!

Love it!

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looks like the start of the end of apple!!!!


Don't bet on that happening anytime soon.


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BOOM haha love it!!

Gmail app on android is good, not beautiful. Maybe sparrow can make it better.

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looks like the start of the end of apple!!!!"


Don't bet on that happening anytime soon."

It may not happen anytime soon but it will eventually as the vision will be gone when they run out of the designs and directives left them. They may even come up with a few by then but they will never be at MR. Jobs level for one reason and one reason only, which is someone like MR. Jobs does his own thing.

The talent at Apple has proven once already what happens without him because at that time they thought they could do it themselves and they lost there a77. The only reason they were even saved was because he brought them back by doing what he did originally. There is no savior anymore for them. They will ride his design's and directives he left them as well as the status and customers he gave them. When those customers leave then APPLE will die completely this time I bet or exist like it did before he came back in total minimalist existence comparable only to Linux at that time, but whoops even Linux has grown so probably as nothing but a spec until there just nothing.

Or more likely Google will acquire them after they drop to an attractive price in what 4-6 years maybe!

"MAGIC" does not happen without a visionary and they no longer have a visionary. The world lost a great man as well as a great mind APPLE lost there soul!

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Ah come on! He's a man with flesh and blood, meat just like me and you. I swear!

Reducing Apple to a herd of dumb mechanical extremities who just lost their head is very insulting. Insulting to all the brilliant minds working at Apple and insulting to you, an intelligent entity on a website concerned with technology.

The main reason for Apple's success is that it capitalized on concepts as soon as the technology to introduce them was available so unless there is a technological breakthrough Don't expect "magic".

I understand the emotional nature of humans their over enthusiasm and their zealousness. But when it comes to science keep your emotions at bay and your finger on the rationality trigger.

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Apple was never just one man performing miracles.

Jobs had a heck of a lot of talent at his disposal, and ~that~ allowed him to create ideas. Others made those ideas into reality while he rode herd on them.

Apple will be around for a long, long time. (I have no doubts about this)

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