Sony's VAIO L All-In-One PC Boasts 1080p Resolution, $1300 Starting Price

Sony's VAIO PC lineup has been growing larger over the years, and while the standout products are almost always within the notebook category, the newest is an all-in-one PC. A stylish all-in-one PC, might we add. The VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV is obviously designed to be multifaceted. On one hand, it's a standard touch-screen PC; on the other, it's an HDTV. Granted, it's probably only suited for bedroom use at 24", but with a 1080p native resolution, even Blu-ray Discs can be played back as the director intended.

The 1920x1080 panel comes standard, but the BD optical drive is an upgrade. Users hoping to use their new rig as a full-on HTPC can also snag a built-in TV tuner, which captures ATSC (digital) signals from your local stations and logs them on the 500GB - 1TB hard drive. There's also an optional HDMI input, Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, lots and lots of RAM, a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GPU and integrated 802.11b/g/b Wi-Fi.

It seems to us that Sony intends for this to be used in kitchens and on tight desktops, though support for VESA mounting is included if you're into that. The VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV will start at about $1,300, and it's available to pre-order right now.

Via:  Sony
gibbersome 5 years ago

Yeah, I don't know about making this your living room TV. We've been spoiled by 32"+ LCDs.

3vi1 5 years ago

I don't think I could own one of these because I've spent every day of the last 10 years yelling at my kids to not touch the TV screen. That's my position, and I'm sticking with it.

Soupstyle 5 years ago

Sounds cool, but how long till it is all greasy and smudged so you can't tell what you are watching?

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