Sony Puffs Chest Over 80 Million PlayStation 3 Sales in 7 Years

With just over a week to go before Sony officially joins the next generation console wars, the hardware company announced that it has sold 80 million PlayStation 3 systems, while making sure to point out that it took 7 years to do it. That's a bit of a jab at Microsoft, which recently announced reaching the 80 million units sold milestone for its Xbox 360, though Microsoft's console debuted a year earlier than the PS3.

Sony isn't likely to catch up to the Xbox 360 in console sales before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come out, but it's been such a close race, you might as well call it a tie. Meanwhile, both companies trail Nintendo and the original Wii console, which has seen 100 million unit sales since its launch in 2006.

PlayStation 3

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how Sony and Microsoft fare in the years to come. This time around, only one week separates the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, the former hitting store shelves on November 15th starting at $399 and the latter making its debut on November 22nd for $499. The $100 price difference is nothing to scoff at, and if more gamers ultimately flock to the PS4, Microsoft may regret its decision to bundle a Kinect sensor with its console, hence why it costs more.
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infinityzen1 one year ago

And Sony can burn in the firey pits of hell. No way will I ever even consider buying a product from these jokers.

Lagahan one year ago

On a serious note I wonder how many of the Xbox 360 and PS3 sales are due to originally sold consoles dieing of RRoD and YLoD failures. I know 2 of my PS3s and an Xbox 360 were just replacements to my dead consoles, be it drive failures or solder failures. Hope this crap doesn't happen with next generation or I'll be sticking with my trusty water cooled PC.

DanJChiccino one year ago

I'm just glad that these consoles are coming out so us PC players quit getting stuck with shitty looking console ports.

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