Sony Investigating Complaints of Bricked PlayStation 3 Consoles After Installing 4.45 Firmware

Woe is the PlayStation 3 gamer who jumped at the chance to install Sony's newest firmware update, version 4.45. After it was made available, it didn't take long for complaints to surface on Twitter, Reddit, and Sony's own support forum lamenting the fact that the update was bricking consoles, turning their gaming boxes into very expensive paperweights. Sony has since rolled back the firmware to the previous version (4.41) released in April as it looks into what went wrong.

"Hi guys, we're aware of reports that the recent PS3 update (4.45) has caused. We have temporarily taken 4.45 offline and are investigating," Sony's PlayStation Europe division said in a statement on Twitter.

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Sony's made similar statements across the web, in some cases apologized for the inconvenience. An apology doesn't fix the borked consoles, however, and it's unclear if they're able to be fixed via the console's safe mode boot option or if it will ultimately need to be sent in for repair . Ironically, the 4.45 firmware was supposed to improve system stability and add Trophy notification options.

Talk about bad timing. With all the controversy surrounding Microsoft's Xbox One, including the price of the console ($499) and used game policy (publishers have all the control), Sony was enjoying playing the part of the 'good guy' for once.
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RyanCampbell one year ago

It was necessary to run NetFlix...didn't brick my PS3 though...yet :-\

MichaelWorley one year ago

"... Sony was enjoying playing the part of the 'good guy' for once." Sony only "plays" the part of the 'good guy', they only do that to throw their evil into sharp relief though.

Sevags one year ago

Ps3's have had problems with software updates since launch this isn't the first time they have accidentally bricked consoles. Xbox had 1 bad update I think that bricked consoles but not as damaging as ps3's.

And again the Xbox One is NOT over priced! Just because Sony's entry price is $100 doesn't man it's a better value it also doesn't come with it's failed motion controllers, it's just that Microsoft is forcing people to buy the Kinect. In 3 years people won't even be able to imagine owning a One without Kinect...

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